Approved SSAC reappointments


Whereas, Article XI, Section 2, Subsection 2 of the Bylaws governs the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC).

The Bylaws impose three-year terms for SSAC members, require staggering of terms, and obligate the SSAC chair to recommend the reappointment of all current SSAC members to full or partial terms to implement the Bylaws revisions.

Whereas, in July 2011 the SSAC Membership Committee initiated an annual review of SSAC members whose terms are ending 31 December 2011 and submitted to the SSAC its recommendations for reappointments.

Whereas, on 7 September 2011, the SSAC members voted to approve the reappointments.

Resolved (2011.10.28.03), the Board accepts the recommendation of the SSAC and reappoints the following SSAC members to three-year terms beginning 1 January 2012 and ending 31 December 2014: KC Claffy, Steve Crocker, Rodney Joffe, Mark Kosters, Russ Mundy, Mark Seiden, Bruce Tonkin, Stefano Trumpy and Paul Vixie.

Implementation Actions

  •  None


The SSAC is a diverse group of individuals whose expertise in specific subject matters enables the SSAC to fulfill its charter and execute its mission. Since its inception, the SSAC has invited individuals with deep knowledge and experience in technical and security areas that are critical to the security and stability of the Internet's domain name system. The above-mentioned individuals provide the SSAC with the expertise and experience required for the Committee to fulfill its charter and executive its mission. This decision should have no fiscal impact on the organization or the community.

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