Board approved proposed changes to the ICANN structural review processes.


Whereas Article IV of ICANN Bylaws, Section 4 calls for periodic reviews of the key structures of ICANN;

Whereas the Structural Improvements Committee has the duty of '[r]eviewing, and suggesting changes as warranted to, ICANN's policies and processes governing organizational review';

Whereas the Structural Improvements Committee, based on lessons learned during the present phase of the first cycle of organizational reviews of key structures of ICANN, has reviewed the present Organizational Review processes and considers that these processes can be rationalized in order to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency while increasing the accountability and transparency of ICANN;

Whereas, as directed by the Board, the attached paper entitled 'Proposals for the Systematization of ICANN's Organizational Review Processes' was previously published for public comments for a period of 30 days and no comments were received suggesting changes to its terms; and

Whereas, at its 15 July 2009 meeting, the Structural Improvements Committee has unanimously approved the adoption of the proposals outlined in the papers, and a recommendation to the Board to adopt the proposals and direct staff to move towards implementation.

It is hereby resolved (2009.07.30.07) that the proposals set forth in the paper entitled 'Proposals for the Systematization of ICANN's Organizational Review Processes' are adopted by ICANN.

Implementation Actions

  • Implement systemization processes changes
    • Responsible entity: Board SIC and Review Staff
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: August 2009

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