Board instructs IANA Staff to create an interim registry of DNSSEC trust anchors for TLDs, until the root zone is DNSSEC signed.


Whereas, in the interests of aiding DNSSEC deployment, the ICANN board believes DNSSEC trust anchors for Top Level Domains should be made available conveniently to the DNS community,

It is hereby resolved (__.) that the Board instructs IANA staff, as an interim measure, to create and maintain a Registry of DNSSEC trust anchors for Top-Level Domains until such time as the root zone is DNSSEC signed.

Implementation Actions

  • Create and maintain registry of DNSSEC trust anchors.
    • Responsible entity: IANA Staff
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: June 2008

Other Related Resolutions

  • TBD

Additional Information

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