Board directs staff to continue consultation with Board, GNSO, and community on implementation issues and progress concerning GNSO policy recommendations on new gTLDs.

Whereas, ICANN staff has been developing implementation vision and details for the GNSO's policy recommendations regarding the introduction of New gTLDs and has provided analysis to the Board on a number of implementation issues.

Whereas, ICANN staff has retained subject matter experts and done considerable work developing the new gTLD program plan and designing elements of the implementation plan.

Whereas, the implementation of these policy recommendations is a complex process and raises a number of challenging technical, operational, legal, economic, and political questions that will affect the DNS.

Whereas, it is important to the Internet community that ICANN develop an orderly, timely, and predictable process for the introduction of new gTLDs.

Whereas, the introduction of new gTLDs is consistent with ICANN's mission and core values to promote competition in the registration of names where practicable and beneficial in the public interest, and where feasible and appropriate, depending on market mechanisms, to promote and sustain a competitive environment.

Resolved (2008.02.15.06), the Board directs staff to continue its implementation work on New gTLDs, inform the GNSO and the public on progress made in implementation efforts, discuss some issues raised by the staff and Board regarding implementation with the GNSO Council, and provide information to the Board in a timely manner to enable the Board to discuss the recommendations and implementation issues and quickly determine a course of action for the introduction new gTLDs, with staff to provide an update at the Board workshop on 17 April 2008.

Implementation Actions

  • Hold 2-day GNSO meeting in Los Angeles for information on progress and discussion of implementation issues.
    • Responsible entity: Cross-departmental team for policy implementation
    • Due date: 17 April 2008
    • Completion date: 10-11 April 2008
  • Provide information to Board in preparation for and during workshop on 18-19 April 2008.
    • Responsible entity: Cross-departmental team for policy implementation
    • Due date: 17 April 2008
    • Completion date: 19 April 2008

Other Related Resolutions

  • Resolutions 06.22, 06.23, and 06.24 - Authorizes ICANN Staff to post "Notice of Intent to Advance Implementation of New gTLD Process"; requests GNSO to complete initial report on new gTLDs at or before ICANN's next public meeting in Marrakech, Morocco:
  • Resolution 06.49 and 06.50 - Board calls for GNSO to complete PDP on new gTLDs (requesting GNSO to publish its report for public comment by November 2006) and calls for Community to comment on the reports published by the New TLDs Committee:
  • Resolution 07.93, 07.94, and 07.95 - GNSO PDP on new gTLDs finished; staff to continue working on implementation analysis of policy recommendations and report to Board:
  • Resolutions 2008.06.26.02 and 2008.06.26.03: Adopts GNSO policy recommendations on new gTLDs and directs staff to complete detailed implementation plan in consultation with the community, subject to final approval before the New gTLD Program is launched:
  • Other resolutions TBD

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