Board requests that IANA staff add IPv6 capability to existing servers after a 45-day public notification period.


Whereas, in the interests of aiding IPv6 deployment, the ICANN Board believes IPv6 capability should be added to the root server system without undue delay,

Whereas, the RSSAC/SSAC report SAC 018 has done a careful study of the technical issues with adding IPv6 addresses to the root:

It is hereby resolved (__.2007) that the Board requests that IANA staff add IPv6 capability as offered by the individual IPv4 root server operators to the existing root name servers after a 45-day public notification period using the methods and practices used to add or modify IPv4 addresses.

Implementation Actions

  • Add IPv6 capability to existing root name servers after 45-day public notification
    • Responsible entity: IANA
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: 12 December 2008

Other Related Resolutions

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Additional Information

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