Board authorizes the COO and/or CFO to make disbursements for travel-related costs under the specified parameters.


Whereas, ICANN has significant travel expenditures each month, which are included in the FY07-08 board approved budget;

Whereas, ICANN's airfare and hotel booking costs were recently consolidated onto one primary American Express credit card;

Whereas, ICANN now receives invoices monthly of amounts in the mid six figures from American Express, which can easily exceed disbursement limits of ICANN staff;

Whereas, late payment of the American Express bill can cause ICANN to be forced to pay late fees, and possibly be declined coverage;

Whereas, department heads, the COO, and the CFO review all staff expense reports and the American Express bill in detail,

Whereas, within 6 months staff will propose a new disbursement policy for ICANN that will maintain adequate financial controls, allow more efficient processing of disbursements, and allow the board to focus on more meaningful and significant matters,

Resolved (07.82), the COO and/or CFO are authorized to make disbursements to American Express for invoices up to US$600,000 per month through February 2008 for travel related costs that are within budget guidelines.

Implementation Actions

  • Staff to propose a new disbursement policy
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Staff
    • Due date: April 2008
    • Completion date: February 2008

Other Related Resolutions

  • Other resolutions TBD.

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