Board encourages debate and discussion on draft set of Frameworks and Principles for accountability and transparency, which were released for consultation and public comment.  


Whereas, the transparency and accountability of ICANN and its processes are of crucial importance to the community.

Whereas, a draft set of Frameworks and Principles for accountability and transparency has been released for consultation and public comment. The principles document ICANN's approach to its work, including several new elements such as a documentary information disclosure policy, a translation policy, and a participation policy.

Whereas, a workshop discussing the draft principles was held during ICANN's meetings in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Whereas, the Board encourages discussion and community input to facilitate continued improvements and measures designed to increase and assist accountability and transparency. A further workshop concerning enhancements to ICANN's transparency and accountability is planned to be held during ICANN's meetings in Los Angeles in October 2007.

Resolved (07.44), the Board actively encourages debate and discussion with a view to considering further improvements to both transparency and accountability.

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