Board requests technical volunteers to continue revising the IDNA protocol and to provide technical recommendations to ICANN staff for consideration.


Whereas, the Board expresses its gratitude to the volunteers in the technical community, including the IETF, IAB, RSSAC, and SSAC for their work related to the deployment of IDNs.

Whereas, the Board recognizes the important work being done on the revision of the IDNA protocol that provides the framework for what characters can be used when registering domain names, as well as the successful results in the laboratory test conducted by Autonomica.

Whereas, ICANN is preparing the near-term release of a publicly accessible facility for the evaluation of at least eleven IDN TLDs that will be provisionally entered into the root zone of the DNS and that will include second-level domains in the same languages as the TLDs, all for evaluation purpose only.

Whereas, the Board recognizes that this is a significant step towards the stable deployment of IDNs.

Whereas, the SSAC has undertaken a technical study to analyze stability and security issues associated with the deployment of IDNs TLDs.

Whereas, the TLD registries working group has recently released IDN Guidelines revisions, and plans to continue this effort as further details of the IDNA protocol revision is being completed.

Whereas, the ICANN Board remains committed to the development and deployment of IDNs that enable people to use domain names with characters other than a through z and 0 through 9, and at the same time benefit from the promise of a single interoperable Internet.

Resolved (07.53), the ICANN Board acknowledges the work performed by the members of the community working on this important topic and urges this work to continue to move forward in a manner that emphasizes the security and stability of the Internet.

Resolved (07.54), the ICANN Board respectfully requests that technical volunteers continue to work closely together to complete their work revising the IDNA protocol and identifying technical requirements for IDN registrations to guide the policy making community.

Resolved (07.55), the ICANN Board requests staff to consider the resulting technical recommendations as essential for the introduction of IDN at the top-level in a manner that ensures the continued security and stability of the Internet.

Implementation Actions

  • Complete revision of the IDNA protocol and provide technical recommendations to staff.
    • Responsible entity: Technical volunteers
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 26 November 2007

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