Board approves the proposed redelegation of the .GW domain to the Fundacao IT & MEDIA Univerisidade de Bissau.



Kim Davies advised that this matter was discussed by the Board at its meeting of January 16, 2007. At that meeting the Board requested clarification on some points of detail from the applicant for redelegation.

According to RFC 1591 and ICP-1, IANA needs to respect the views of a local Internet community as well as local law and local government in order to make decisions about delegating the operation of a ccTLD.

In its research staff working on the IANA function have reached the conclusion that the Guinea Bissau government is in support, the current operator no longer wishes to operate the domain and the proposed operator meet the basic criteria for redelegation.. IANA therefore recommended to the Board that the .GW should be redelegated to the Fundacao IT & MEDIA Univerisidade de Bissau as per their request.

Steve Goldstein moved and Vanda Scartezini seconded the following motion:

RESOLVED (07.34) that the .GW ccTLD be redelegated in accordance with the recommendation from staff, to the Fundacao IT & MEDIA Univerisidade de Bissau.

Implementation Actions

  • Proceed with redelegation process pursuant to IANA Functions processes.
    • Responsible entity:  IANA Functions Department
    • Due date: Per IANA Functions processes
    • Implementation date:  Completed per IANA Functions processes

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