Board elects Doug Brent as Chief Operating Officer and resolves that he may authorize contractual commitments and disbursements.


Resolved (07.05), Doug Brent is elected as Chief Operating Officer, to serve at the pleasure of the Board and in accordance with the Bylaws of the Corporation, and shall hold his office until his resignation, removal, or other disqualification from service, or until his successor shall be elected and qualified.

Resolved (07.06), that as Chief Operating Officer, Doug Brent may authorize contractual commitments and disbursements of ICANN's funds in accordance with the senior operations executive role identified as position #5 in paragraph 3 of the "Financial Control Procedures: Corporate Officer Signing Authorities" adopted by the Board on 18 October 2006 <>.

Implementation Actions

  • None
    • Responsible entity: Not applicable
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: Not applicable

Other Related Resolutions

  • Other resolutions TBD.

Additional Information

  • The resolution does not address funding for the items identified therein.

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