Board recognizes AfriNIC as fully approved and recognized Regional Internet Registry.


A motion concerning the recognition of AFRINIC as a Regional Internet Registry was introduced by Mouhamet Diop:

Whereas ICANN has previously adopted a set of procedures and standards for the receipt and evaluation of applications for recognition as an RIR.

Whereas an application for recognition, together with a detailed transition plan - including draft bylaws, policies, funding model, and staff resumes - was submitted to ICANN by the African Internet Numbers Registry (AfriNIC).

Whereas APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and the RIPE NCC, through the Numbers Resource Organization (NRO), communicated a joint statement praising the excellent work of the AfriNIC organization, noting the close cooperation between the incumbent RIRs and AfriNIC, and recommending a favorable response to the application by recognizing AfriNIC's accomplishments.

Whereas the Board, on 30 September 2004, gave its provisional recognition to AfriNIC as the Regional Internet Registry for the Africa region, with the expectation that the transition plan would be successfully implemented and the application for recognition would be supplemented and finalized.

Whereas the AfriNIC organization has reached the conclusion of its transition plan, and has submitted an updated application for approval and recognition.

Whereas the Chairman of the NRO has communicated the collective favorable assessment of AfriNIC's application by the RIRs, and recommendation for final approval and recognition of AfriNIC.

Whereas the President has reviewed the AfriNIC application and the IANA report on the application, and determined that it is in full conformance with the criteria set forth in ICP-2, that AfriNIC has completed its transition plan, and has met all of the requirements for final recognition.

Resolved (05.25), the Board proclaims AfriNIC to be a fully approved and recognized Regional Internet Registry, to provide IP address registration and other services for the Africa service region.

Resolved (05.26), the Board congratulates and thanks the NRO, AfriNIC, and its organizers, Board, President, staff, and members, and other supporting organizations and parties for their tireless efforts, dedication to excellence in services at the executive, registration, and technical levels, and commitment to the values of regional representation, global coordination, openness, and bottom-up self-management, in the best traditions of the Internet.

Moved by Mouhamet Diop, seconded jointly by Raimundo Beca and the full Board, and was adopted unanimously by acclamation.

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