Board expresses deep appreciation to 2004 Nominating Committee.


Whereas, Bylaws Article VII calls for the Board to appoint a non-voting Chair for the Nominating Committee;

Whereas, on 6 March 2004, ICANN appointed Mr. Jean-Jacques Damlamian as Chair of the Nominating Committee, to serve until the conclusion of the ICANN annual meeting in 2004 or until his earlier resignation, removal, or other disqualification from service;

Whereas the Nominating Committee Chair asked Pindar Wong to serve as Vice-Chair to assist him in the direction of the Nominating Committee, in lieu of the service of the immediately preceding Nominating Committee Chair as a non-voting advisor, as is contemplated for subsequent Nominating Committees by Bylaws Article VII, Section 2(2);

Whereas Linda Wilson served, in her capacity as immediately previous Nominating Committee Chair, as a non-voting advisor to both the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Nominating Committee;

Whereas the 2004 Nominating Committee consisted of delegates from each of ICANN's constituencies and advisory bodies;

Resolved (04.102) that the ICANN Board expresses its deep appreciation to Jean-Jacques Damlamian, Pindar Wong, Linda Wilson, and all of the members of the 2004 Nominating Committee for their dedication, hard work, and successful efforts.

(Adopted by acclamation.)

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