Board grants final approval of LACNIC as an RIR.

Whereas, the Address Supporting Organization Memorandum of Understanding (ASO MoU) provides that ICANN will develop requirements and policies for the approval of additional Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and provides general guidance for minimum requirements;

Whereas, after an open and consultative process the ASO recommended the "Criteria for the Establishment of New Regional Internet Registries" as a more elaborate statement of essential requirements, in supplementation to section 9 of the ASO MoU, and as a framework for consideration of applications for recognition of new RIRs;

Whereas, after public posting and comment, the ICANN Board, at its Stockholm meeting on 4 June 2001 in resolution 01.67, accepted the "Criteria", which was later designated ICP-2;

Whereas the President has adopted a set of procedures and standards for the receipt and evaluation of applications for recognition as an RIR;

Whereas an application for recognition, together with a detailed transition plan - including draft bylaws, policies, funding model, and staff resumes - was submitted to ICANN by the Regional Latin-American and Caribbean IP Address Registry (LACNIC);

Whereas APNIC, ARIN, and the RIPE NCC communicated a joint statement praising the excellent work of the LACNIC organization, noting the close cooperation between ARIN and LACNIC, and recommending a favorable response to the application by recognizing LACNIC's accomplishments and according an interim status to LACNIC;

Whereas the Board, on 14 March 2002 at its Accra meeting in resolution 02.28, gave its provisional approval to the LACNIC application for recognition and transition plan, with the expectation that the transition plan would be completed and a final application for recognition submitted;

Whereas the LACNIC organization has reached the conclusion of its transition plan, and submitted a final application for approval and recognition;

Whereas the President of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), from whose current service region the LACNIC service region is drawn, has communicated ARIN's favorable assessment and recommendation for final approval and recognition of LACNIC;

Whereas the President has reviewed the LACNIC application and determined that it is in full conformance with the criteria set forth in ICP-2 and the ASO MoU; and

Whereas on 30 October 2002 at the ICANN Shanghai meeting, the President of ICANN and Chair of LACNIC signed the Joinder of Regional Latin-American and Caribbean IP Address Registry (LACNIC) into RIR-ICANN Memorandum of Understanding;

It is:

Resolved [02.125] the Board gives its enthusiastic endorsement to the President's evaluation of the LACNIC application, and to his conclusion that LACNIC has completed its transition plan and met all of the requirements for final recognition;

Resolved [02.126] the Board proclaims LACNIC to be a fully approved and recognized Regional Internet Registry, to provide IP address registration and other services for the Latin American and Caribbean service region;

Resolved [02.127] the Board congratulates and thanks the organizers, Board, President, staff, and members of LACNIC for their tireless efforts, dedication to excellence in services at the executive, registration, and technical levels, and commitment to the values of regional representation, global coordination, openness, and bottom-up self-management, in the best traditions of the Internet;

Resolved [02.128] the Board gives particular recognition to the Internet Steering Committee of Brazil (Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil) for its crucial start-up support for LACNIC; and

Resolved [02.129] the Board thanks the President, Board, and staff of ARIN for their extraordinary work to support the formation of LACNIC and to ensure a transparent, secure, and successful transition of information and registry responsibilities.

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