Board accepts NTEPPTF report and directs President to produce plan for action for approval by Board at October 2002 meeting in Shanghai, China.

Whereas, the Board at its Stockholm meeting in June 2001 adopted the following resolution:Resolved [01.74], the Board directs the President to form and chair a New TLD Evaluation Process Planning Task Force, for the purpose of recommending to the Board and the broader Internet community, by means of a report to be discussed at ICANN's Montevideo meeting in September 2001:(a) a plan for monitoring the introduction of new TLDs and for evaluating their performance and their impact on the performance of the DNS. This assessment should focus in technical, business, and legal perspectives and rely on data gathered as part of the contractual arrangements with the new TLDs as well as other data inputs that can be readily secured; and

(b) a schedule on which a plan should be executed;
Whereas, the President formed the New TLD Evaluation Process Planning Task Force (NTEPPTF);

Whereas, NTEPPTF duly produced and presented to the Board such a plan and schedule, following a 30-day public comment period;

Whereas, NTEPPTF has appropriately factored such comments into its report;

Whereas, the Board recognizes that current workload, staffing, and priorities make it advisable to defer acting on the NTEPPTF recommendations until the ICANN Board meeting in Shanghai, China, in October 2002;

Resolved [02.97] that the Board accepts with gratitude the NTEPPTF report and thanks the members of the Task Force for their hard work and dedication in producing the report; and

Further resolved [02.97A] that the President is directed to produce a plan for action for approval by the Board at its meeting in Shanghai, China, in October 2002.
(The Board approved the above resolutions by a 13-1-1 vote, with Mr. Auerbach opposed and Dr. Lynn abstaining.)

Implementation Actions

  • Produce plan for action for approval by Board on new TLD evaluation process planning.
    • Responsible entity: President
    • Due date: October 2002
    • Completion date: 30 October 2002

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