Board establishes final examination fee of US$29,000.

Whereas, the Board of Directors at its 22 April 2002 meeting established a tentative examination fee of US$35,000 in connection with proposals for transfer of the .org registry;

Whereas, the Board stated that it would finally establish the examination fee, not to exceed US$35,000, at its Bucharest meeting with rebates to be made if the final examination fee is less than the tentative examination fee;

Whereas, the President has analyzed the financial costs in relation to the revenues actually received, and concluded that the final examination fee could be set at US$29,000 and still recover anticipated costs;

Whereas, this final examination fee and the revenues derived therefrom would not provide for any potential litigation costs;

Resolved [02.85] that the Board establishes the final examination fee to be US$29,000 and instructs the President to rebate the US$6,000 per applicant.

Implementation Actions

  • Rebate US$6,000 to each applicant.
    • Responsible entity: President
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 2002

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