Board establishes budget of up to US $450,000 for direction of the At Large Membership Study Committee.

Whereas, Article II, Section 5 of the ICANN Bylaws provides for a comprehensive study of the concept, structure and processes relating to an "At Large" membership of ICANN;

Whereas, inresolution 01.11 the Board established a temporary Advisory Committee, known as the "At Large Membership Study Committee," to undertake this study;

Whereas, the At Large Membership Study Committee has presented to the Finance Committee a proposed budget for the study;

Whereas, the Finance Committee has reviewed that proposed budget and has made recommendations to the Board that funds be appropriated accordingly;

It is therefore

Resolved [01.21] that the President is authorized to expend funds of the Corporation in support of the At Large Membership Study in an amount not to exceed US$ 450,000 (of which US$ 100,000 has already been authorized by the Board) on direction of the Chair of the At Large Membership Study Committee, with the expectation that the Chair and members of the At Large Membership Study Committee will continue to expend these funds carefully in support of the accomplishment of the charter of that Committee.

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