Board denies of Gene Marsh's request for reconsideration.


Mr. McLaughlin reported that the <Reconsideration Committee has adopted the following recommendation on <Request for Reconsideration 99-2:

[RC 99-2] The Reconsideration Committee recommends to the Board that Request for Reconsideration 99-2 (submitted August 2, 1999, by Gene Marsh) be denied. The request did not include the basic information required by the Reconsideration Policy, and Mr. Marsh did not respond to an August 5 staff request to provide that basic information. In addition, the Committee notes that the request was not timely, as it was received more than two months after the Board's decision on May 27, 1999, to provisionally recognize the gTLD constituency.

After discussion, the following motion was duly made, seconded, and adopted unanimously by the Board:

RESOLVED [00.4] that, for the reasons set forth in the Reconsideration Committee's Recommendation RC 99-2, the Board denies the request for reconsideration submitted by Gene Marsh on August 2, 1999.

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