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This first topic concerns Stratification and Prioritization of Public Comments. INACTIVE

BackgroundPublic Comments-Open titles are listed in a table. The sort order is based upon how soon the Public Comment period closes. The ATRT thought that some form of prioritization and/or stratification might assist visitors in determining which topics are of interest.


There are, potentially, many ways to stratify or classify Public Comments. As one example, Staff drew up a draft list of possible categories for consideration (see below).

One possible implementation of these groupings would be to add a new field in the Public Comment Box and Announcement pages called, "Category." Presumably, that field would also be added as a new column within the table at the top of Public Comments-Open. If that were done, should the table continue to be sorted by nearest Close Date or by category (first) and then Cose Date (second)?



Policy Development

…for all policy activities in the pre-implementation phases (including Issue Reports) as well as formal Policy Development Processes.

Policy Implementation

...for all policy activities in the post-development or implementation phase.


...operational, administrative, and registration matters relating to the security and integrity of the Internet's naming and address allocation systems.

ICANN Bylaws Amendment

…used only when the Board is considering an amendment; prospective requests or petitions to change Bylaws provisions prior to Board action should be initially coded to another category.

Structural Design/Improvement

…would include SO/AC Reviews; GNSO Improvements; global outreach; public participation.


…includes tactical and strategic planning; budgeting; ICANN meeting proposals; travel support.


…includes Affirmation of Commitments.

Contracted Party Agreements

…primarily intended for Registry & Registrar contracts.

IANA/DNSSEC Operations

...for all IANA service and process introductions, or changes, including performance reporting.


The Focus Group should be mindful that, regarding prioritization, Staff noted to the ICANN Board that it:

"...should not be placed in a position of deciding on the importance or priority of one public comment as this is neither appropriate nor useful to a broad and diverse community."

In Phase I of the Public Comments redesign, a separate filed was not created for "Priority.” As a result of discussions and deliberations within the Staff, it seemed as though it might be more useful to provide: Purpose, Current Status, and Next Steps (formerly “The Process From Here”). The view is that the combination of these fields (briefly stated) should give the reader a pretty good indication of importance or urgency. To see examples of these fields in use, please visit: Public Comments-Open and click on any of the active titles, which will take you to the Public Comments Box page for that topic.

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