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Assessment Due Date


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NCUC Trip Proposal 3

Trip Assessment Form

1) Describe the Trip in sufficient detail
that an interested reader could understand if/how
the original purpose(s) and outcome(s) were
realized (please be as expansive as possible):  

I would describe that the purpose of my participation in ICANN65 was meant and the set outcomes was more than achieved. Though my participation began on day 2 because of over 6 hour layover in Casablanca that made it impossible to attend planned sessions for day one.  My presence in Marrakech enables me to physically participate in various cross community working group and high interest sessions that are of concern to Non Commercial Constituency (NCUC) and Non Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG). As regards the outreach, I engaged with potential stakeholders and newbies on the values and objectives of the constituency I represented and how to be involved and participate in the policy development process within the ICANN environment. ICANN65 meeting accord the opportunity to deeply interact, value and experience sharing that can hardly be achieved through remote engagement. This experience further deepening my understanding of the policy development process and further illuminate as regards the interrelation of ICANN community, structures and operations.

The meeting demonstrated diverse and unique nature of the community, which positively reflecting in the outcome of PDP and that of ICANN operations. All the sessions I participated have one thing in common which is the diverse input that led to mutual agreement which is called a consensus in the ICANN world.

2) Describe the details of your attendance
activities at the meeting (including sessions
attended, written or oral contributions made to
specific sessions, etc.):  

ICANN65 was a busy meeting with several parallel policy discussions and engaging activities. My activities during this meeting is through participation in several cross community working group and high interest session such as New gtld Subsequent Procedures PDP WG, Review of All Right Protection Mechanism in gtlds, New gtld Auction Proceeds, GNOS Council Meeting, NCSG Open Meeting, Policy Aspects of DNS Over HTTPS (DoH), DNS over TLS (DoT) and related Issues), Evolving the Effectiveness of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model, Impacts of EPDD phase 1 recommendations on other ICANN Policies and Procedures, policies around universal acceptance and that of few fellowship sessions.  I also attended the joint AFRALO AfrICANN meeting where I raised the need for sustained participation in policy development process (PDP) and inclusiveness. At the Non Commercial Stakeholder open meeting, I reflected on a kind of perfect environment that can influence interest in participation and involvement in PDP.  During the policy discussion on DNS over HTTP, I put forward a privacy issues and the role or responsibilities of the end user.  A written report of high interest sessions has been submitted already to the NCUC leadership to be published on the Non Commercial User Constituent (NCUC) website. I was also able to meet and interact with potential members, including some of the NEXTGEN and ICANN Fellow. In addition, I had an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the ICANN governance, structure and PDP issues through listening to the community diplomacy discussions and interaction with individual from different community especially that of mentors.

3) Explain the specific plans for follow-up activities
to enhance and continue the objectives of the trip for
the community structure through which you were
approved for the trip:

Follow-up activities will be to get more involved in the cross community working groups and the work of the stakeholders group I represented (NCUC). The activities would include regular participation in monthly calls, working alongside of the NCUC EC Africa to canvas for more African participation in the PDP discussion, supporting the leadership of NCUC while engaging in drafting public comments. Furthermore, the ICANN experience would be disseminated at regional events

In order to collaborate and engage with NCUC stakeholders, especially that of NCUC-Africa to participate in drafting more public comments, I will make myself available for shared-responsibility to ensure the group obligation is meant and also adding value to the agenda of Non Commercial User Constituency (NCUC).

4) Please fill out the date when you have completed this form:
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CROP Trip Assessment Template (June 2018)