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Assessment Due Date


Link to Trip Proposal
NCUC Trip Proposal 1

Trip Assessment Form

1) Describe the Trip in sufficient detail
that an interested reader could understand if/how
the original purpose(s) and outcome(s) were
realized (please be as expansive as possible):  

The ICANN Kobe meeting was highly informative and successful for me. Thanks to the constant guidance of NCUC EC team, I was clear about the sessions I needed to attend before I got there. I used my time to understand the workings of NCUC (attended constituency day), NCSG finance committee meeting, GNSO council sessions and the Sub Pro WG meetings to get a better understanding of the ongoing PDP work. The meeting also gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with various stakeholders and members from the APAC region. Remarkable amongst those were interactions with newcomers from the region an young fellows that led me to realise the potential for a youth group in APAC and the need to organise ourselves to better represent the Asian community at ICANN and civil society needs.

2) Describe the details of your attendance
activities at the meeting (including sessions
attended, written or oral contributions made to
specific sessions, etc.):  

Thanks to the brief opportunity to present myself and my goals at NCUC Constituency day meeting, I was able to shape my participation and collaborate with other NCUC members on how to further engage in PDP and capacity building goals at NCUC/NCSG. The members not only heard me out but also gave me relevant and useful feedback as a newcomer and how to go about enhancing my contribution to the ICANN community. Below are some of the key sessions I attended:

  1. GNSO Council sessions
  2. Sub Pro WG - Part I, II, III
  3. HRIA- Cross Community WP session
  4. NCUC and ALAC Joint Outreach
  5. NCSG Session with ICANN Board
  6. APAC Space
  7. IGFSA- Outreach Session
  8. NCSG Finance Committee Session
  9. NextGen@ICANN Presentations Part II

I made comments at Sub Pro WG session and at the Next Gen Presentation. At APAC Space I also met other youth fellows and newcomers and decided to form and lead a group of youth IG enthusiasts in the regions to enhance the voice of Asia at ICANN. I also made various suggestions at the IGFSA Outreach session on how t increase workshops at IGF from Asia. I made a short presentation to the NCUC members and elaborated on my goals and plans to increase participation in NCUC from Asia and strengthen capacity building efforts locally. 

3) Explain the specific plans for follow-up activities
to enhance and continue the objectives of the trip for
the community structure through which you were
approved for the trip:
  1. I am working with a couple of other fellows to submit workshops to APrIGF and IGF.
  2. I am also championing a group of engaged youth in Asia and discus potential ideas to enhance our collective voice at IG forums and ICANN.
  3. I am part of the Sub Pro WG and hoping to participate in the ongoing PDP.
  4. I am also hoping to join the IDN-UASG and involve with relevant policy discussions in the same.
4) Please fill out the date when you have completed this form:
Acknowledgements Section

Note: To be completed by a Program Coordinator (PC) designated by this organization/structure.

AcknowledgementsConfirmed?Who Confirmed?Date of ConfirmationNotes
The Trip Assessment information has been gathered and properly entered into this form.
Bruna Martins dos Santos - NCUC Chair
The Member completed the proposed tasks for the meeting and her engagement with the Constituency was satisfactory.
The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized the submission of this Trip Assessment.
Bruna Martins dos Santos
Entered by O.S


CROP Trip Assessment Template (June 2018)