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ISPC Trip Proposal 1

Trip Assessment Form

1) Describe the Trip in sufficient detail
that an interested reader could understand if/how
the original purpose(s) and outcome(s) were
realized (please be as expansive as possible):  

It was a great experience supporting the ISPCP during ICANN64 Kobe, specifically with supporting ISPCP outreach event that took place on 13 March.  The event was really successful and well attended. I worked with ISPCP sub-committee, ICANN GSE and support team (especially Chris Mondini and Chantelle Doerksen) to assist and plan for the event.

The event was a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, presenting and discussing the latest technologies and innovations focusing more on the role of DNS on these emerging technologies, and identify areas for regional cooperation; during the ISPCP event we got engaged with different local associations and regional entities, ISPs, Local Network Operators Groups (NOGs), etc., who were really interested to know more about ICANN activities and who willing to be engaged more with ISPCP as well, we had very fruitful discussions with them, talking about more collaboration with ICANN, address all concerns shared across the region, talking about challenges and opportunities.

Moreover, during my trip in Kobe, I got the chance to attend many other meetings, had the chance to meet lots of like-minded people from all other the world who have same concerns and challenges especially from technical and security fields.

It also helped me to bring back new updates and information related to different topics and share this in our region during our regional meetings in Middle East.

2) Describe the details of your attendance
activities at the meeting (including sessions
attended, written or oral contributions made to
specific sessions, etc.):  

In addition to supporting the ISPCP event, which was the main goal of my trip in addition to attending mainly - ISPCP meetings, CSG Open meetings, and others ISP related sessions.

During the meeting, I met my colleagues in the ISPCP Constituency to talk about future plans and discuss current events related to topics of interest, also through my preparation to attend the meeting I made a very selective agenda for myself to attend in order to try to make sure to give myself the ability to be engaged and have some face to face meetings and discussion with some of the key players on their domains especially for technical, security & building capacities experiences, also talking in considerations the ones who already involved in some activities to improve and enhanced the awareness and capacities in our region and Middle East, so I did my best to have an agenda to give me the ability to be in touch with those key players on the region and the world and trying to utilize all the time that could be available to make the meeting useful.

Another rich experience gained from the meeting is that I’m planning to focus more on technical workshops training that we already provide through Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG), and being active more in ICANN working groups and also in security group moving forward to enhance and develop new workshops and conferences in the Middle East with MENOG Team in cooperation of ICANN. I am looking for more engagement with the ICANN community to develop our region.

Some of the main meetings that I participated in during ICANN64 Kobe:

  • ISPCP outreach event
  • ISPCP open and closed meetings
  • Middle East Space
  • Tech Day (technical, security)
  • ICANN Public Forum
  • RSSAC Discussion
  • Cross-Community Session: Universal Acceptance / IDNs

3) Explain the specific plans for follow-up activities
to enhance and continue the objectives of the trip for
the community structure through which you were
approved for the trip:

During the coming period I’m planning to continue working with my colleagues to prepare for the ISPCP meeting in Marrakesh, especially since the event will take place in one of the Arab countries where my members have the same concerns and challenges that shared across our region. Building on the successful ISPCP events held during ICANN63 Barcelona and ICANN64 in Kobe, we are taking into consideration to focus more in Outreach events about ICANN and ISPCP activities and their involvements specific to the EMEA region.

Also, I will focus more on ISPCP activities within the ICANN community to be engaged more in different sectors from the Internet Service Provider’s point of view. Moreover, I’m planning to focus more in technical workshops training that we already provide through MENOG, moving forward, to enhance and develop new workshops and conferences in the Middle East with the MENOG Team and in cooperation with ICANN and the ISPCP. I am looking for more engagement within ICANN community to develop our region and increase awareness though sessions and capacity building programs, in addition to the one that we currently have on DNSSEC in partnership with ICANN and focusing more on the topics that ISPCP covers like the Universal Acceptance of new gTLDs; and new gTLDs and their impact on networks.

4) Please fill out the date when you have completed this form:
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CROP Trip Assessment Template (June 2018)