The ICANN community recognized 44 leaders from across the Advisory Committees, Supporting Organizations, and the Nominating Committee at ICANN63. The Board of Directors acknowledged the contributions of these community leaders during its meeting on 25 October 2018.



Tomohiro FujisakiAddress Supporting Organization Address Council
Wilfried WöberAddress Supporting Organization Address Council
Alan GreenbergAt-Large Advisory Committee
Bastiaan GoslingsAt-Large Advisory Committee
Maureen HilyardAt-Large Advisory Committee
Andrei KolesnikovAt-Large Advisory Committee
Bartlett MorganAt-Large Advisory Committee
Seun OjedejiAt-Large Advisory Committee
Alberto SotoAt-Large Advisory Committee
Andrew MackCommercial Business Users Constituency
Ben FullerCountry Code Names Supporting Organization Council
Nigel RobertsCountry Code Names Supporting Organization Council
Christelle VavalCountry Code Names Supporting Organization Council
Jay DaleyCustomer Standing Committee
Kal FeherCustomer Standing Committee
Elise LindebergCustomer Standing Committee
Donna AustinGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Phil CorwinGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Heather ForrestGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Susan KawaguchiGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Stephanie PerrinGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Milagros CastañonGovernmental Advisory Committee
Lori SchulmanIntellectual Property Constituency
Greg ShatanIntellectual Property Constituency
Maritza AgueroLatin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organization
Humberto CarrascoLatin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organization
Theo GeurtsNominating Committee
Sandra HoferichterNominating Committee
Hans Petter HolenNominating Committee
Danny McPhersonNominating Committee
Jose Ovidio SalgueiroNominating Committee
Jay SudowskiNominating Committee
Farzaneh BadiiNon-Commercial Stakeholder Group
Renata Aquino RibeiroNon-Commercial Users Constituency
Jonathan RobinsonPublic Technical Identifiers Board
Paul DiazRegistries Stakeholder Group
Samantha DemetriouRegistries Stakeholder Group
Stephane Van GelderRegistries Stakeholder Group
Venkateswara DasariRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Grace De LeonRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Ray GilstrapRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Johan IhrénRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Kevin JonesRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Tripti SinhaRoot Server System Advisory Committee
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