The ICANN community recognized 49 leaders from across the Advisory Committees, Supporting Organizations, and the Nominating Committee at ICANN60. The Board of Directors acknowledged the contributions of these community leaders during its meeting on 2 November 2017.



Mark ElkinsAddress Supporting Organization Address Council
Ajay KumarAddress Supporting Organization Address Council
Ching ChiaoCounty Code Names Supporting Organization Council
James BladelGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Johan HelsingiusGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Wolf-Ulrich KnobenGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Marília MacielGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Stefania MilanGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Edward MorrisGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Hsu Phen Valerie TanGeneric Names Supporting Organization Council
Chris WilsonCommercial and Business Users Constituency
Steve MetalitzIntellectual Property Constituency
Tony HolmesInternet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency
Fabricio VayraIntellectual Property Constituency
Tapani TarvainenNon-Commercial Stakeholder Group
Farzaneh BadiiNon-Commercial Users Constituency
Rafik DammakNon-Commercial Users Constituency
Klaus StollNot-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency
Martin Silva ValentNot-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency
Harold ArcosAt-Large Advisory Committee
Tijani Ben JemaaAt-Large Advisory Committee
Garth BruenAt-Large Advisory Committee
Mohamed El BashirAt-Large Advisory Committee
León SánchezAt-Large Advisory Committee
Wafa Dahmani ZaafouriAt-Large Advisory Committee
Judith HellersteinNorth American Regional At-Large Organization
Aziz HilaliAfrican Regional At-Large Organization
Wolf LudwigEuropean Regional At-Large Organization
Glenn McKnightNorth American Regional At-Large Organization
Mark CarvellGovernmental Advisory Committee
Alice MunyuaGovernmental Advisory Committee
Thomas SchneiderGovernmental Advisory Committee
Hank KilmerRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Warren KumariRoot Server System Advisory Committee
Steve CrockerSecurity and Stability Advisory Committee
Mark KostersSecurity and Stability Advisory Committee
Damon AshcraftNominating Committee
Tom BarrettNominating Committee
Eduardo DiazNominating Committee
Hartmut GlaserNominating Committee
Hans Petter HolenNominating Committee
Zahid JamilNominating Committee
Dave KissoondoyalNominating Committee
Osvaldo NovoaNominating Committee
Amir QayyumNominating Committee
Jörg SchweigerNominating Committee
Ken StubbsNominating Committee
Stéphane Van GelderNominating Committee
Tim WicinskiNominating Committee
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