Community-driven work is at the core of ICANN's policy development efforts. At ICANN52, we recognized 9 community leaders for their service across our Supporting Organizations, Advisory Committees, Stakeholder Groups, and Constituencies. The leaders are:

  • Tracy Hackshaw, GAC Vice Chair
  • Rodney Joffe, SSAC Member
  • Jason Livingood, SSAC Member
  • Jun Murai, RSSAC Co-Chair
  • Peter Nettlefold, GAC Vice Chair
  • Kristina Rosette, Intellectual Property Constituency President
  • Bruce Tonkin, SSAC Member
  • Stefano Trumpy, SSAC Member
  • Paul Vixie, SSAC Member

These leaders were formally recognized by the ICANN Board of Directors through Resolution 2015.02.12.15. Archival media (transcripts and recordings) from the recognition program are available here


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