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Please use this page/area to ask general questions and engage about the team process or any other matter that is not specifically related to one of the Topics to be considered.  Staff will monitor this and all of the pages frequently and try to be responsive to team inquiries.

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  1. As Dev Anand has already discovered, you may want to configure the Wiki up so that you are notified automatically (via email) of any changes to this Focus Group space. The easiest and simplest way to do that is to click on the Browse menu (top right of the page next to your name) and select Advanced. Near the bottom left side of that page, you should see:   Enabling that option will send you email alerts any time a page is updated or a comment is added/replied -- anywhere within the Public Comments Focus Group space. A nice benefit is that you won't have to click "Watch this page" anywhere since you enabled a global space capability.

    You can also adjust various email alerts by clicking on your name (top right); then, select Profile, Settings, Email.

    If you would prefer not to receive email alerts, another option is to set up an RSS Feed to your mail application or a separate reader (e.g., Google Reader). Basically, you click on the orange RSS icon at the very top right of the page and select the setting you prefer. If this appears too advanced, I have written a separate guideline on how to configure RSS Feeds, but it is currently located in a private Wiki. I am working to have it moved to the Help area of the ICANN Community Wiki, but that has not yet occurred. In the interim, if you are interested in this feature, reply here and I will email the contents to you. If you do set up an RSS Feed, you will also want to go to your user Profile and disable the various email default settings there. This is my preferred way to stay engaged with Wiki activity. If you receive a lot of emails, you may appreciate the value in using the RSS capability.


    1. Concerning adjusting Email settings, you might want to go to your User Profile, Settings, Email and DISABLE the Autowatch entry. With the default setting (turned ON), every page you visit will be set to "watch" status and you will receive emails of any/all activity. It is much better to set "watch" manually for each page that you want to track or, as described above, to "watch" a Space which will catch all of the pages/comments/blogs in one command. 


  2. Excellent summary on how to watch the entire Confluence space, Ken. Setting up RSS for monitoring Confluence is Finding the RSS is more convoluted than it should be.

    1. Setting up RSS Feeds does require a bit of knowledge, especially selecting the application/client on the user's computer where the feeds will be aggregated and presented (I use Outlook). Once you have that part identified, grabbing the proper command from Confluence to establish the feed is not too difficult. 

      I will be adding a page (soon) in the HELP section of this Wiki. One of the features I will be attempting to describe is Setting up an RSS Feed. Still, it does help to have a bit of technical know-how or find someone who can help.