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Strategy Status 


Person Completing Form:

Maryam Bakoshi

FY19 Outreach Strategy

Outreach Goals:

NPOC, is the constituency responsible of educating and engaging not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations to participate in ICANN’s policy making processes, how ICANN operates, and how policies can affect how they deliver their mission related services. Specific operational concerns include the ability to register and maintain domain names, protect against fraud and abuse, and to ensure security and privacy whilst using the Domain Name System (DNS) to serve members and communities.

Many not-for-profits are unaware of the risk that they face in the domain names system and the lack of protection under the existing Registrar Accredited Agreement. NPOC’s role is to provide the information on how not for profits can become involved by learning about the ICANN ecosystem and NPOC to be able to contribute their knowledge and participate in the policy development process.

NPOC, in its representation as the voice of this Constituency will encourage new and existing members to become a valued participant in the ICANN ecosystem to build a strong voice together.

The Not for Profit Operational Concerns Constituency and its members have identify the following goals and strategies to increase members' engagement.

Outreach Goals:

The FY20 NPOC strategy for Outreach and Engagement goals are to:

1. Promote NPOC as the voice of not for profit organizations with a focus on under-represented


2. Educate respondees about NPOC's role within ICANN, and build capacity for participation in the Policy Development Process (PDPs)

3. Increase the membership; and

4. Engage member organizations to participate in the NPOC Policy Committee and relevant PDPs and Working Groups.



NPOC will take the following steps to achieve the goals:

1. Create events, educational materials, and identify the operational issues that NPOC and its

members need to address and provide comments;

2. Engage active members to assist with under-represented areas and work together to contact,

educate and engage them;

3. Work in collaboration with ICANN’s staff and Global Stakeholder Engagement team to identify

potential events to target outreach and engagement activities.

4. Update/develop promotional materials;

5. Increase communications with members by posting on website, social media communications,

NPOC Discuss.

Expected Activities and Outcomes:

Expected Activities and Outcomes:

1. Host monthly Membership Calls to inform members about policy issues, and encourage them

to comment on the current statements, or initiate one

2. Host webinars on 1) defining operational issues; 2) how to write public comments; how to

engage in PDP and Working Groups; and 4) capacity development

3. Increase membership by 10%; and

4. Have representatives participate in a minimum of 3 working groups

Other Details:

Outreach Events targeted include:

LAC-IGF – 5 to 9 August 2019 – La Paz Bolivia

NASIT - October 2019

IGF Global - 25 to 29 November 2019.


RightsCon - TBD

NTEN-March 24th to 26th, 2020

South School of Internet Governance (SSIG) - To be Defined

ICANN Meeting 67.March 7 - 12 2020 - Cancún, Mexico

African School of Internet Governance - TBD

Digital Rights & Inclusion Forum - April 2020

Africa DNS forum (Organized by ICANN Africa GSE) - TBD

African Internet Summit - TBD

AFRINIC 31 Meeting - TBD

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The detailed Outreach Strategic Plan has been properly completed per CROP requirements.


Maryam Bakoshi


The ICANN Organization / Structure's leadership has authorized this Outreach Strategic Plan.


Maryam Bakoshi


On behalf of NPOC ExCom

The Outreach Strategic Plan has been concurred by the Stakeholder Engagement V.P.


Maryam Bakoshi


Concurred by GSE VPs. NPOC has answered questions that were asked when plan was submitted.


CROP Outreach Strategic Plan Template (June 2018)