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Strategy Status 


Person Completing Form:


FY20 Outreach Strategy

Outreach Goals:

The FY20 AFRALO strategy for Outreach and Engagement aims at:

  • Reaching out to end-users across Africa to sensitize about the benefits of their involvement in ICANN's activities
  • Engaging African End Users to contribute to ICANN Policy Development Processes (PDPs)
  • Promoting ICANN's multi-stakeholder model and its bottom-up decision-making process
  • Explaining how an Internet organization / association can become an AFRALO At-Large Structure (ALS) and how an unaffiliated person can become a member of AFRALO, especially in unrepresented African countries;
  • Promoting Africa end-user’s leadership in ICANN activities


To reach the aims of the strategy, AFRALO shall liaise  with ICANN GSE staff members based on the continent, and in accordance with the ICANN Africa strategy to:

  • Increase the number of AFRALO members who are deeply engaged in the ICANN PDP
  • Participate in events across Africa and especially in countries without ALSes to make the adequate outreach to bring into ICANN Arena:
    • African Internet organizations and make them interested in joining AFRALO as ALSes
    • Non-affiliated African individuals and make them interested in becoming AFRALO Individual members
  • Make presentations about topics under discussion in ICANN to highlight the African ICANN community effective participation in ICANN policy discussions
  • Exhibit ICANN structures’ information, activities and working methods
  • Organize local events, in partnership with local ALSes to enhance their engagement and broaden their radiance in their respective countries
  • Continue to identify university and academic institutions, organize discussions with students and teachers about Internet Governance and build young people’s interest in joining ICANN
  • Identify AFRALO role model leaders who will coach new members towards ICANN leadership positions

Expected Activities and Outcomes:

Outreach Events targeted  

The outreach will target forums within the Africa Region to enhance AFRALO participation. The following non-exhaustive list identifies some targeted events:

  1. AFRINIC-31 – Luanda, Angola (December 2019) 
  2. Africa Internet Summit 2020 – Location TBD (May/June 2020) 
  3. African regional and sub-regional IGFs

Other Details:

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