This is the workspace for the Root Server System Governance Working Group (RSS GWG). 

The RSS GWG comprises the following representatives and liaisons appointed by the relevant community or function. 

NameCommunity/FunctionRoleStatement of Interest and Disclosure
Luis Diego Espinoza SanchezCountry Code Names Supporting Organization (.cr)Member
Peter KochCountry Code Names Supporting Organization (.de)MemberPDF
Kurt PritzgTLD Registries Stakeholder Group (.art)MemberPDF
Hanyu Yang

gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group
(China Academy of Information and Communications Technology)

Geoff HustonInternet Architecture BoardMemberPDF
Jim ReidInternet Architecture BoardMemberPDF
Jeff OsbornRoot Server Operators (ISC)MemberPDF
Wes HardakerRoot Server Operators (USC ISI)MemberPDF
Hiro HottaRoot Server Operators (WIDE Project)MemberPDF
Lars-Johan LimanRoot Server Operators (Netnod)MemberPDF
Terry MandersonRoot Server Operators (ICANN)Member
Hans Petter HolenRoot Server Operators (RIPE NCC)MemberPDF
Ken RenardRoot Server Operators (US ARL)MemberPDF
Karl ReussRoot Server Operators (UMD)MemberPDF
vacantRoot Server Operators (NASA)

John AugensteinRoot Server Operators (US DISA)MemberPDF
Brad Verd (Chair)Root Server Operators (Verisign)


Paul VixieRoot Server Operators (Cogent)MemberPDF
Suzanne WoolfSecurity and Stability Advisory CommitteeMemberPDF
Kim DaviesInternet Assigned Numbers AuthorityLiaisonPDF
Christian KaufmannICANN BoardLiaisonPDF
Edmon ChungICANN BoardLiaison (Alternate)PDF
Duane WesselsRoot Zone MaintainerLiaisonPDF

RSS GWG members may also sponsor the participation of observers from their respective organization.


Robert Carolina

Root Server Operators (ISC)Observer
David ConradRoot Server Operators (US ARL)Observer
Andrew KimbleRoot Server Operators (US DISA)Observer
Limei LiugTLD Registries Stakeholder Group
(China Organizational Name Administration Center)
Erum WellingRoot Server Operators (US DISA)Observer
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