• An initial Additional Budget Request (ABR) envelope of USD 300,000 will be included in the draft Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) ICANN Operating Plan and Budget. The initial ABR envelope may change depending on the outcome of the FY24 ABR process.
  • Please review the ABR Principles to understand the types of requests that will be considered. Any request that violates the ABR Principles will not be considered.
  • Please complete the ABR Request Form for each request. Every field is required. Incomplete requests will not be considered. (This Word version of the request form can help ICANN community groups prepare their submissions )
  • If submitting more than one request, please prioritize the requests. This informs the review and evaluation by ICANN org.
  • Questions? Please contact abr@icann.org




Submission Period opens

17 October 2022

Informational Webinar

8 December 2022, 16:00 UTC

Submission Period closes

30 January 2023

ICANN Board Finance Committee review

17 April 2023

ICANN org proposed for adoption ABR report 

19 April 2023

ICANN Board consideration

30 April 2023

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