Dear Community Members and Leaders,

09 November 2020 marks the launch of the FY22 SO-AC Community Additional Budget Request process. As you know, this process pertains to a dedicated part of the overall ICANN annual budget that is set aside to fund specific requests from the community for activities that are not already included in the recurring ICANN budget.

The timeline and deliverables for the process are as follows:





Kick off and Submission period



On Target

Submissions Due – send to



On Target

Preliminary review of requests by



On Target

SO/AC consultations at ICANN 70 (by request, during Constituents’ Day)



On Target

Final assessments and recommendations by



On Target

ICANN Board Finance Committee Review and recommendation for approval to the Board



On Target

ICANN Board review and approval at May Board meeting



On Target

Action items

In preparation for the submission, please review the following documents attached:

We look forward to working with you all again on this effort for FY22!

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