April 2013

With the work of the gTLD Review group complete, the At-Large new gTLD Applications Dashboard Workspace contains all of the information regarding the comments received, objections considered, results of Advice from the RALOs to the ALAC and the ALAC vote whether to accept the RALO advice.

An At-Large Objections Follow-Up Group is monitoring the ALAC objections filed with the ICC.

March 2013

Had a meeting with the regional leadership on New gTLD Review Group 2013.02.28 Teleconference - an abstain option was added to the 5 questions - see Advice from the RALOs to the ALAC regarding the objection statements

A summary of the RALO advice received was posted http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/newgtldrg/2013-March/000401.html

An ALAC meeting to consider RALO advice on objection statements to the new gTLD application 2013-03-08 was held on March 8 and a summary of all the information for the ALAC to review regarding the objections statements and applications and comments received by the gTLD RG : http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/newgtldrg/2013-March/000406.html was posted

gTLD RG chair assisted with the preparation of the formal objection forms and filing on March 13 2013 after the ALAC vote to consider the objection statements ended on March 12, 2013.





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