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Daily Page Views: Last 4 Weeks

Date Page
16-May-2024 1
17-May-2024 28
18-May-2024 5
19-May-2024 15
20-May-2024 12
21-May-2024 10
22-May-2024 25
23-May-2024 164
24-May-2024 597
25-May-2024 17
26-May-2024 23
27-May-2024 33
28-May-2024 134
29-May-2024 31
30-May-2024 17
31-May-2024 21
1-June-2024 20
2-June-2024 128
3-June-2024 247
4-June-2024 84
5-June-2024 30
6-June-2024 132
7-June-2024 161
8-June-2024 342
9-June-2024 442
10-June-2024 69
11-June-2024 29
12-June-2024 129
13-June-2024 154

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1 Comment

  1. OMGs, a wiki page for Houses?  Houses were only supposed to be counting fantasies because of the overly complicated g-council voting rules.  

    And now we want to give them a real place in the GNSO hierarchy?

    This should not be allowed to happen.  Houses, and whether they should exist should be a topic for the upcoming GNSO review, but should not be given a greater existence before then.

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