To create a new GNSO Issue Report Request from the Space Template (*), please follow these instructions carefully.

If you would prefer to work with a Word document, please click here.


Before beginning, you may want to open these instructions in a new browser window (or tab) or, alternatively, print or copy these instructions to a notepad application so that you can refer to them as you complete the steps.

  1. Please make sure that you are executing these steps from within the Wiki Space in which you want the Issue Report Request page to reside. Note: the resulting page can be moved to an alternate location later, if desired.
  2. From the Wiki's top menu bar, select <+Add Page from Template> from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the radio button to select the GNSO Issue Report Request template from the list; click <Next>.
  4. In the top rectangular box that has the “New Page” title grayed out, enter a unique name such as IRR-Name where "Name" is a brief identity of the issue (e.g., IRR-Thick Whois).
  5. Immediately click <Save> at the bottom of the form. DO NOT enter any information at this point. Once Saved, the template will auto-fill a page containing various data fields. 
  6. Now select <Edit Contents> from the top menu bar and begin completing the form's information fields as described below. When finished entering information, Click to <Save> the page.

    Note: please DO NOT click on <Edit> which is used to change the template itself and should be used only by the Administrator.

To Complete the Page/Form Fields:

The form contains twelve (12) data fields; information is entered in the rightmost column. 




Free-form text field to contain the Requester's name.


Drop-down field containing names of official Stakeholder Groups, Constituencies, and Advisory Committees. A "Not Applicable" field is provided if none of the choices are appropriate.

Information QuestionsEight (8) self-explanatory questions; each one is a free-form text field. You may use your ENTER key or SHIFT-ENTER to avoids blank lines.

Date Submitted (and)
Expected Completion Date

A date calculator is shown when you click in the field; select the year/month/day as appropriate (you may ignore the time entry).

Page Last RevisedAutomatic - no entry required.

How to Edit Later: Once the page has been created, you may return at any time to edit the contents. If you need to amend any information subsequently, simply click on the page and then click on the top menu bar <Edit Contents>. Don’t forget to <Save> any changes you make. All prior page versions are automatically archived.

How to Link to This Page:  Both standard and tiny links (URL) are available to your Issue Report Request page. The tiny link has the advantage that it will always refer to the correct Wiki location even if the page is moved from one Space to another. It can be thought of as a "permalink." To access the tiny link, go to the Tools menu and click "Link to this page..."  You will see both standard and tiny links, either of which may be copied and pasted to another Wiki or website. (Hint: you may also use the keyboard shortcut "k" which will display the links available).

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