The Current State of the UDRP Session

8:30-10:30 a.m. Padang Room\

Agenda Details:

Moderators:                                                      Mary Wong and Jonathan Cohen

Opening Remarks:                                           Moderators (5 min)

Overview of Preliminary Issue Report:   Margie Milam, ICANN Staff (10 min)

Panel Discussion:                                             (45 min)

National Arbitration Forum (NAF) - Kristine Dorrain                                                                    Bio Kristine Dorrain-NAF

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)- David Roache-Turner                                       Bio David Roache-Turner

Czech Arbitration Court- Petr Hostas                                                                                       Bio Petr Hostas

Panelist- Mark Partridge                                                                                                         Bio Mark Partridge

Academic- Professor Konstantinos Komaitis                                                                            Bio Konstantinos Komaitis

Registrars Stakeholder Group- Statton Hammock                                                                     Bio Statton Hammock

Rights Holder- Susan Kawaguchi, Facebook

Respondent Counsel- John Berryhill

Q & A:                                                                   1 hour

The panel discussion will elicit the viewpoints of experts on the UDRP regarding the ICANN Staff recommendations in the Preliminary Issue Report on the Current State of the UDRPThe public comment forum on the Preliminary Issue Report is open until 15 July 2011. 

The panelists will share their observations of the Staff recommendations in the Preliminary Issue Report, specifically, whether they:

(i)            agree with or have other suggested approaches for dealing with a review of the UDRP; (ii)          have additions to the list of issues described in Annex 2; and

(iii)          suggest recharacterizing any of the issues described in Annex 2 as “policy” or “process” issues.

A key objective of this Session is to solicit the viewpoints of the ICANN community on their view of the UDRP and whether it should be amended.  These viewpoints will be considered for inclusion in the Final Issue Report to be published after Singapore.    Questions from remote participants are strongly encouraged, and can be posted on this WIKI page by submitting comments below.


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