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Overview of the Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information Policy Implementation Project

The Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information (T/T) policy implementation project is tasked with implementing policy recommendations from the GNSO’s Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information Policy Development Process (PDP). Those policy recommendations focused on how to facilitate the entry and transformation (i.e. translation or transliteration) of contact information into domain name registration directory services (RDS) by non-English speakers and users of non-ASCII scripts. 

The GNSO PDP focused on two overarching issues: 

  1. Whether it is desirable to translate contact information to a single common language or transliterate contact information to a single common script.
  2. Who should bear the burden translating contact information to a single common language or transliterating contact information to a single common script? 

Following deliberations in a nearly two-year PDP, the GNSO Council adopted the recommendations presented in the Translation and Transliteration of Contact Information Working Group’s Final Report, which are as follows: 

  1. The Working Group recommends that it is not desirable to make transformation of contact information mandatory. Any parties requiring transformation are free to do so on an ad hoc basis outside WHOIS or any replacement system, such as the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP). If not undertaken voluntarily by registrar/registry (see Recommendation #5), the burden of transformation lies with the requesting party.
  2. Whilst noting that a WHOIS replacement system should be capable of receiving input in the form of non-ASCII script contact information, the Working Group recommends its data fields be stored and displayed in a way that allows for easy identification of what the different data entries represent and what language(s)/script(s) have been used by the registered name holder.
  3. The Working Group recommends that the language(s) and script(s) supported for registrants to submit their contact information data may be chosen in accordance with gTLD provider business models.
  4. The Working Group recommends that, regardless of the language(s)/script(s) used, it is assured that the data fields are consistent to standards in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), relevant Consensus Policy, Additional WHOIS Information Policy (AWIP) and any other applicable polices. Entered contact information data are validated, in accordance with the aforementioned Policies and Agreements and the language/script used must be easily identifiable.
  5. The Working Group recommends that if the transformation of contact information is performed, and if the WHOIS replacement system is capable of displaying more than one data set per registered name holder entry, these data should be presented as additional fields (in addition to the authoritative local script fields provided by the registrant) and that these fields be marked as transformed and their source(s) indicated.
  6. The Working Group recommends that any WHOIS replacement system, for example RDAP, remains flexible so that contact information in new scripts/languages can be added and expand its linguistic/script capacity for receiving, storing and displaying contact information data.
  7. The Working Group recommends that these recommendations are coordinated with other WHOIS modifications where necessary and are implemented and/or applied as soon as a WHOIS replacement system that can receive, store and display non-ASCII characters, becomes operational.

IRT Roster

IRT MemberAffiliationStatement of Interest
James GalvinT/T WG member, IRD ChairDennis Tan Tanaka SOI
Roger CarneyT/T WG member and RrSGRoger Carney SOI
Dennis TanT/T WG member, RySG, VerisignDennis Tan Tanaka SOI
Kevin RihtarINTA: WHOIS and Privacy Issues Subcommittee
Scott AustinIPC
Wen Zhai T/T WG member, RySG
Sara BockeyT/T WG member, RrSG, GoDaddy
Emily TaylorT/T WG member, RrSG, Netistrar Registrar
Jennifer ChungT/T WG member, RySG, DotAsia
Edmon ChungT/T WG member, RySG, DotAsia
Theo GeurtsRealtime Register (Registrar)
Peter GreenT/T WG member, NCUC

Consensus Policy Implementation Framework

For more details on the Consensus Policy Implementation Framework, see: https://www.icann.org/policy/implementation 

See a detailed PDF of the CPIF process at https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/gdd-consensus-policy-implementation-framework-31may15-en.pdf

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