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Judith Hellerstein

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2) Stakeholder Group:Non-Commercial

3) Constituency:

Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns (NPOC)

4) ICANN Affiliation (if not covered by item 2 or 3):

NPOC Representative (ISOC DC) NOMCOM Member from NARALO 2021-2023 • Appointed Member by ALAC to the CCWG: Auction Proceeds Appointed member of Atlas III Leadership and Program Committee Secretariat of NARALO 2019-2021 • Vice Chair of NARALO 2015-2017, • Secretariat of NARALO 2015-2017 Chair of the NARALO Bylaw revision. Chair of the Technology Task Force Chair and Founder of the RTT Pilot, (Formerly Captioning pilot) Chair of the Global Indigenous Ambassador Program ALAC Subcommittee on Appointee Selection (AASC)-- NARALO Appointed rep, (ICANN 60-62) At Large Finance and Budget, NARALO appointed Rep. (2016-2018, Participant (2018-2019), At Large CROPP RT appointed member 2017-present CWG Selection Committee Member (Choose members for the CWG IANA Transition)

5) Please identify your current employer(s):

I am the Founder and CEO of Hellerstein & Associates,, a research consultancy specializing in opening up telecom and technology opportunities worldwide. We provide clients with solutions that help them to meet their goals by providing innovative, creative out of the box thinking of situations to help solve their problems.

6) Please identify your current position(s):


7) Please identify the type(s) of work performed:

I am a passionate advocate for helping to bring connectivity and empower communities and has been working on connectivity, digital economy policies, and infrastructure issues. She has advised regulators, governments, international organizations, and commercial and non-profit clients around the world on the adoption of digital economy and digital development laws and policies, competition policy, cyber policies, and the development of the ICT sector, including market and regulatory reforms. Judith has undertaken and led several regional and national assignments for the World Bank resulting in reforms in their legal, regulatory, and ICT frameworks as well as gap analyses of different country’s digital economy policies and their effectiveness. Judith has worked with actors across stakeholder groups in the Internet ecosystem to develop and manage Internet-related projects and campaigns.

8) Please identify your declared country of primary residence (e.g., country to which you pay taxes):


9) Please list any financial relationship beyond de minimis stock ownership you may have with any company that to your knowledge has a financial relationship or contract with ICANN:


10) Do you believe you are participating in the GNSO policy process as a representative of any individual or entity, whether paid or unpaid?

If the answer is “Yes,” please provide the name of the represented individual or entity. (If professional ethical obligations prevent you from disclosing this information, please enter "Private"):While I often represent the views of ISOC DC where I am the primary rep, I also represent the views of my other non-profit. the Accessibility Special interest Group as well as the ISOC Accessibility Standing Group . So working on connectivity and accessibility issues is a passion of mine. I have been very active on accessibility issues within ICANN and have worked to enhance accessibility issues within many division of ICANN Org and have been successful in getting changes adopted within ICANN ORG.
11) Please identify any other relevant arrangements, interests, or benefits as requested in the following two questions:

a) Do you have any type of material interest in ICANN GNSO policy development processes and outcomes?


If the answer is “yes,” please describe the material interest in ICANN GNSO policy development processes and outcomes:

b) Are there any arrangements/agreements between you and any other group, constituency or person(s) regarding your participation as a work team member?


If the answer is “yes,” please describe the arrangements/agreements and the name of the group, constituency, or person(s):

12) Please identify any Working Groups or other chartered teams in which you are participating (include acronyms, if applicable):

  • NPOC Policy Team
  • NCSG Policy Committee
  • Chair of the Conflicts Sub-Committee, Nomcom, 2022-2023
  • Member of the Recommendations Sub Committee, NomCom 2021-2023
  • Member of the Evaluations Sub-Committee, NomCom 2021-2023
  • ALAC Operations, Planning, Finance and Budget Working Group
  • ALAC Consolidated Policy Working Group
  • ALAC Small team on Prioritisations and Policies
  • ALAC Planning Committee 2018-Present
  • Member of both the At Large ALS and Individual Criteria Task force
  • Program Committee for the 2022 NARALO General Assembly
  • Chair of the past Global Indigenous Ambassador Program
  • At Large Technology Task Force Chair 2017-2021
  • Member of both the At Large ALS and Individual Criteria Task force
  • ATLAS 3 Subcommittee Participant
  • ATLAS 2 Leadership
  • ALAC selected Member: Cross Community Engagement Group of Internet Governance;
  • ALAC selected Member--Cross Community Work Group Auction Proceeds;
  • Cross Community Committee Accessibility;
  • ALAC Selected member for NARALO to the Finance & Budget Subcommittee;
  • ALAC Appointee At Large Selection Committee;
  • NARALO Selected member of CROPP-RT
  • Worksteam 2: Diversity
  • NARALO Appointed member of NomCom 2021-2023
  • NARALO Secretariat, 2019-2021
  • Vice Chair of NARALO 2015-2017,
  • Secretariat of NARALO 2015-2017
  • Chair and Founder of the RTT Pilot, (Formerly Captioning pilot)
  • CWG Selection Committee Member (Choose members for the CWG IANA Transition)
  • 2017 NARALO General Assembly Organizer and head of the Program Committee
  • Chair of the NARALO Bylaw redrafting Committee, 2017-2018

13) Additional Information (optional):

I have been the Penholder for one NCSG Policy Comment: NomCom Review.

I have been the Pen Holder for several ALAC Policy Comments. These were for Nomcom Review comments, NomCom Rebalancing, Policy and prioritisations of ICANN projects, Operational Policies, Multi-stakeholder Policies and comments, Constituency Travel comments, Several Budget Public Comments, Auction Proceeds, and many others. I have also submitted comments to many other ALAC policy comments as well on accessibility issues, specifically for persons with disabilities.  I have also submitted several individual comments as well to ICANN.

I developed and fought to have captioning available for working groups and other At Large Meetings and it is due to my determination in this area that many of the constituencies have captioning as they had gotten a taste of how helpful it is during one of the pilots I had run from 2015-2019 when it became part of the core budget of ICANN at least for At Large.

I also have advocated having captioning for all ICANN Learn videos as well as all presentations to ensure all who want to engage and participate are able to do so on equal footing. I have also worked to increase the capacity of the ICANN Finance team how to improve their work and presentations to make them more accessible to all users.

I have spoken on Internet Governance at several technology conferences some sponsored by ICANN and some not, for example I was a featured speaker at NTEN talking about Internet Governance, also at the North American School Of Internet Governance.

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