The next Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues PDP WG teleconference is scheduled for Tuesday 22 September 2015 at 1400 UTC (07:00 PDT, 10:00 EDT, 15:00 London, 16:00 CET).

Adobe Connect WITH AUDIO enabled: 


Proposed Agenda:

  1.  Roll call/updates to SOI
  2. Discuss proposed updated text for Section 1.3.2 of WG report based on WG discussions of Sub Team 1’s recommendations
  3. Discuss proposed updated text for Section 1.3.3 of WG report based on WG co-chairs’ suggested text (as circulated to the WG on 18 September)
  4. Status update/report from Sub Team 4 (co-conveners: Kathy Kleiman & Paul McGrady; document forthcoming)
  5. [if time permits] Review list of issues spotted from Parts 1-3 of the WG Public Comment Review Tool
  6. Next steps

Documents for Review:

Proposed Section 1.3.2 text for Final Report

Co-Chairs Draft Language for Updating Section 1.3.3

Issues List for Further WG Consideration following Public Comments - 15 Sept

MP3 Recording: Recording

Meeting Transcript: Transcript


Stephanie Perrin ­ NCSG

Todd Williams - IPC

Sara Bockey - RrSG

Frank Michlick ­- Individual

Steve Metalitz – IPC

Sarah Wyld – RrSG

Darcy Southwell – RrSG

James Bladel -­ RrSG

David Hughes - IPC

Phil Corwin – BC

James Gannon -­ NCUC

Paul McGrady ­- IPC

Susan Prosser- RrSG

Alex Deacon - IPC

Luc Seufer - RrSG

David Cake- NCSG

Michele Neylon - RrSG

Kiran Malancharuvil - IPC

Osvaldo Novoa – ISPCP

Christian Dawson - ISPCP

Chris Pelling - RrSG

Val Sherman -­ IPC

Kathy Kleiman - NCSG

Lindsay Hamilton-Reid -­ RrSG

Graeme Bunton -­ RrSG

Terri Stumme ­- BC

Volker Greimann - RrSG

Iranga Kahangama - 

Stephen Truick - 

Carlton Samuels - At–Large

Griffin Barnett - IPC

Jennifer Standiford - RrSG

Susan Kawaguchi - BC



Holly Raiche ­ ALAC

Don Blumenthal – RySG

Vicky Schlecker – IPC

Rudi Vansnick - NPOC


ICANN staff:

Mary Wong

Amy Bivins

Gisella Gruber


 Adobe Connect chat transcript for Tuesday 22 September 2015

  Gisella Gruber:Welcome to the PPSAI WG call on 22nd September 2015

  Graeme Bunton:Audio via computer is not yet enabled?

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Morning/Afternoon/Evening All

  val s.:Hi all

  Chris Pelling:afternoon all

  Mary Wong:Agenda is on the right hand side pod

  Graeme Bunton:Welcome aboard, Deitrich

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Welcome!

  Susan Kawaguchi:congratulations Paul!

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Congrats Paul

  Carlton Samuels:Howdy do everybody

  James Bladel:I have not had an opportunity to review.

  Osvaldo Novoa:Hello all, sorry I am late

  Volker A. Greimann:in the interest of the timeline, lets start with the uncontroversial content then.

  Michele Neylon:sorry - was stuck in a meeting

  Michele Neylon:listening - going to dialin now

  Volker A. Greimann:trying to sneak stuff in for implementation will not help timelines

  val s.:Very hard to hear Graeme

  James Bladel:Sorry, can't really hear Graeme

  Kathy K:sorry Graeme, can't hear you

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:SUper quiet graeme

  Stephanie Perrin:cannot hear

  val s.:yes

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Yes

  Carlton Samuels:Yes I can

  Mary Wong:Obviously the full draft Final Report will also be circulated for review when it is ready (per Steve's comment earlier). We just thought it would be easier for people to see what we propose to include when discussions are fresh, and "chunked" rather than an entire new document.

  Stephanie Perrin:That is helpful, but we need to look at it all together.

  Mary Wong:@Stephanie, yes, that will certainly be the case.

  Stephanie Perrin:AS long as we are prepared to take comments then and not say we already discussed that chunk, fine. 

  Lindsay Hamilton-Reid:Apologies, I only just read this now.  Having looked at these comments as part of the group, I agree the last two paragraphs were not representative.  I think we all have to remember is that we have to take the majority view when giving recommendations to ICANN.  

  Carlton Samuels:@Kathy: +1 

  Stephanie Perrin:+1 Kathy

  Carlton Samuels:that was the case.  The verbiage could be used to clarify place in point

  Chris Pelling:Totally agree with James G

  Chris Pelling:Can we stop flogging a dead horse ? surely we have done this justice

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:+1 Chris

  Kathy K:I think Stephanie's concern focuses on third to last paragraph

  Carlton Samuels:@Stephanie: I think she speaks on the penultimate para

  Kathy K:It's a very legitimate concern. Why would we encourage a practice among Providers that is flatly opposed by so many?

  Mary Wong:Perhaps we can restate the facts to make it clearer that some providers already have some restrictions, and the WG is not making any recommendation on whether a provider should or should not do so.

  Carlton Samuels:The suggestion by James G to delete the last 2 paras will take care of that issue Stephanie is raising.  I understand she is saying explicity remove the suggestion that p/p providers can discriminate if they so choose.

  James Bladel:@Carlton.  That's what I think she's driving at.

  Kiran Malancharuvil:if the point is that we are now suggesting accreditation standards which explicitly bar registrars from employing a best practice, that's not okay. 

  Volker A. Greimann:we dispense this section regularly though

  Stephanie Perrin:not what I said.

  Volker A. Greimann:it is a fallback against bad actors, not a general principle

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:I tink it was more if ICANN had the legal authority to make providers do that.

  Kathy K:"Under these circumstances, the Working Group does not believe that the accreditation standsards for P/P services should require service providers to *differentiate* the use of these services to registrants who wish to use them to enage in commercial activities or *noncommercial activities.* (asterix = change)

  val s.:Is there an issue with aknoledging that in this particular comment, as I think third to last paragraph does? 

  Philip Corwin:If a specific PP provider does not permit websites that it deems commercial or engaged in financial transactions to ytilize its services, then the registrant would either not have a website under protection, or would have moved on to another provider that does. So not sure this is relevant since no such provider would ever be asked to reveal/opblish.

  Mary Wong:@Kathy, I've noted the first change. For the second, we may need to go back and see what the WG said about using the phrase "online financial transactions" rather than continue to use "commercial" vs "non commercial".

  Philip Corwin:"utilize"/"publish" (typo corrections ;-)

  Kathy K:+1 Stephanie - we would like to see this document written more neutrally

  Kathy K:@Mary - tx

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Michele has his hand up Steve

  Gisella Gruber:Carlton - please note your line is muted due to background noise

  Luc Seufer:@Carlton - please note that 9:42 is a tad early to party

  Mary Wong:@Steve, all - some of these comments have in fact been referred to other Sub Teams.

  Mary Wong:The issue of retention and looking at ccTLD examples, for instance, were among these. This was noted in the staff version of the template - apologies that it is not showing in this version.

  James Bladel:Just a note that the Board will be expected to follow the recomnendatoins of the GNSO.  Thx. 

  Kathy K:There were also some comments that thanked us for opportunity to comment!

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Agreed James, Board does ont create policy the gNSO does.

  James Gannon [GNSO-NCSG]:Or at least thats how its supposed to work =)

  James Bladel:Mary - could you capture those action itmes to the list?

  Mary Wong:Absolutely!

  James Bladel:Awesome.  Thanks! :)

  Carlton Samuels:Thanks all. Thanks Steve for even-handed chairing!

  Gisella Gruber:Thank you all - enjoy the rest of your day

  Kathy K:Tx Steve!

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