The OSC is responsible for coordinating, recommending and reviewing changes to certain operational activities of the GNSO and its constituencies with a view to efficient outcomes. The Board Governance Committee Working Group Report on GNSO Improvements makes a number of recommendations in three operational areas, as follows:

1. GNSO Operations – developing any changes needed to the Council's structure and role in response to the Board approved GNSO structure;
2. Stakeholder Group and Constituency Operations – including outreach efforts to encourage broader participation in stakeholder groups and constituencies by explaining the added value of ICANN participation to such groups; and enhancing constituencies per the BGC-WG Report.
3. Communications – Develop tools for increased communication effectiveness and efficiency within the GNSO and improve GNSO communication and coordination with other ICANN structures, including members of the ICANN Board, other Supporting Organizations (SOs) and Advisory Committees (ACs). 

The OSC established three separate teams to take on the work of each of the three operational areas described above. This is the workspace of the Steering Committee where you can find further information about its activities. For further information, please contact ICANN Policy Staff (

You can find here further information concerning:

1. Meetings

2. SC Documents (Drafts - Published)

3. SC Charter

4. Members

5. Background Documents

6. Work Teams

7. Socialtext Archives

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