NCUC ExComm Elections Results

Chair: Benjamin Akinmoyeje


Europe: Olga Kyryliuk

Latin America and Caribbean: Lia Hernandez Perez

Africa: Ines Hfaiedh

Asia Pacific: None

North America: Ken Herman

Meet the Candidate Call | Thursday, 27 May 2021; 12 UTC 

I.  Positions

The positions to be filled are:

  1. Chair - Raphaël Beauregard-Lacroix - Eligible for reelection, completed 1 term
  2. EC Africa (AF) - Benjamin Akinmoyeje - Eligible for reelection, completed 2 terms
  3. EC Asia Pacific (APAC) - Mili Semlani - Eligible for reelection, completed 2 terms
  4. EC Europe (EU) - Olga Kyryliuk - Eligible for reelection, completed 1 term
  5. EC Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) - Lia Hernández - Eligible for reelection, completed 1 term
  6. EC North America (NA) - Ken Herman - Eligible for reelection, completed 1 term 

NCUC EC really needs committed volunteers who are willing to donate a few hours a week to collaboration in order to help ensure that civil society's voice is heard in ICANN. The EC’s responsibilities are administrative management, in-reach and outreach, and interfacing with ICANN’s staff and community as needed. NCUC Chair has also several duties and roles to fulfil. If you think that you or someone you know would be well suited to the tasks involved, then please consider nominating accordingly.

II.  Participation

We will build the voter list, from the NCSG election check-in. The process is ongoing. You just need to respond to the email to be considered as active and added to the voters' list. 

III.  Candidate Statements

For the statement, the nominated candidate should answer:

 * Name, declared region of residence, gender and employment;
 * Any conflicts of interest;


  1.  Why do you want to serve on the EC?
  2.  Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations relevant to serving on the Executive Committee. Describe the relevance of your personal and professional experience to serve on the NCUC Executive Committee, and identify any conflicts of interests you might have.
  3.  The EC performs several functional responsibilities for the Constituency. What level of time commitment can you bring to your EC role on a weekly and overall basis? Describe any concerns or limitations on your ability to attend online meetings of the Executive Committee and ICANN Meetings in person.
  4.  Communication with the membership is critical. How would you keep members apprised of your EC-related activities?
  5.  How do you foresee NCUC’s function, scale, or role changing in the future? What areas of ICANN policy, if any, need more attention and why? Incumbent candidates should answer in a manner that is both backward and forward-looking, i.e. taking note of their contributions and work in the previous year.

The statements should be relatively concise, e.g. a couple paragraphs per question

IV.  "Meet the Candidates” Call

In the week prior to the voting period, we will organize a conf call for the membership to ask candidates questions. The candidates conf call is scheduled for 27 May 2021.

V.  Voting

The vote is weighted in NCUC and as indicated in current NCUC bylaws ( Article VI voting): individual:1, small:2, large:4 

VI. Election Timeline

7 May: Check-in begins
13 May - 27 May: Nomination period
27 May: Deadline for nomination acceptance and candidate statement / Meet the candidates call
28 May: Check-in ends
01 - 04 June: Voter roll finalized
07 June - 21 June: Voting
22 June: Results announced

VII. Ballot: TBD

VIII. Nominations

Position/RegionName of CandidateNominated ByStatusCandidate Statement

Raphaël Beauregard-Lacroix

Reynaldo Alonso Reyes 

Benjamin AkinmoyejeStephanie PerrinYes
EC Africa (AF)

Taiwo Akinremi

Tomslin Samme-NlarYes
Ines HfaiedhOlévié A. A. KOUAMIYes
EC Europe (EU)Olga KyryliukWisdom DonkorYes
EC Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)Lia HernándezReynaldo Alonso Reyes 

EC Asia Pacific (APAC)Mili SemlaniOlga KyryliukNo
EC North America (NA)Ken HermanOlga KyryliukYes

Important Remarks: 

1. For all positions, please select 1 candidate only; if you select more than 1 your vote won’t be counted
2. You can change your vote until the deadline on 21 June 2021, 23:59 UTC. Only the last selection will be counted.
3. You can vote for all Executive Committee positions regardless of what region you are in.
4. If you don't select any choice for a seat, the vote for that seat will be counted as zero.
5. You will receive several reminders during the election with the same link to your ballot. The weight of your vote is indicated in the ballot (1 for individual, 2 for small organisation and 4 for large organisation).
6. The candidate with the most votes wins. If the abstention count is greater than any candidate for a seat, the seat will remain vacant.

Thank you for participating in NCUC!

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