NCUC Request: Continuation of Policy Writing Training in FY20

    RECOMMENDATION: Yes (partial approval)


    RESPONSIBLE ICANN STAFF: Ergys Ramaj (Public Responsibility Support), Liana Teo (Communications) & Mary Wong (Policy)

    Funding was made available via the FY18 and FY19 ABR process for policy writing training courses for the NCUC. The FY18 pilot program included the development of materials to be placed on the ICANN Learn online platform. This was continued in FY19, which also incorporated funding for an additional webinar. ICANN Organization agrees that policy writing skills is useful for effective participation in the policy development process. The materials from the FY18 and FY19 programs are being reworked for a new ICANN Learn course by ICANN Organization’s Public Responsibility Support (PRS) and Policy Development Support teams, who will continue to collaborate with the NCUC to gather feedback which can be used to build on the existing materials. To enhance the training that is expected to be available to a broader audience of community participants through the ICANN Learn platform, approval is granted for one (1) training webinar for the NCUC with a professional trainer for FY20. No travel component is included in this approval. The NCUC is encouraged to liaise with the PRS, Communications and Policy teams to ensure that the webinar meets the current needs of the NCUC and includes materials suitable for inclusion on ICANN Learn.

    Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) Request for Communications Support

    RECOMMENDATION: Yes (consolidated for all three ABRs received for communications support)

    RECOMMENDED AMOUNT: 30,000 USD (to be allocated as described below)

    RESPONSIBLE ICANN STAFF: Jana Juginovic (Communications)

    Three ABRs were received from three GNSO constituency groups for printing, design and related publications and media support in FY20. As was done in FY19, these requests have been consolidated into a single approval for Media & Publications Support, to be administered and managed by ICANN Organization’s Communications Department in accordance with ICANN Organization’s applicable Communications Guidelines. Combining the requests received for FY20 also allows for flexibility in facilitating usage of communications-related resources by all interested Supporting Organizations, Advisory Committes, Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies within the total allocated amount.

    For FY20, each of the three requesting community groups will be allocated 1,500 USD for each ICANN Public Meeting. This is the same level of funding per meeting as was made available for all interested community groups in FY19. For FY20, requests from community groups who did not submit an ABR will be evaluated individually by the Communications team in consultation with the Policy Development Support team. In no case will any community group be allocated an amount exceeding 1,500 USD per ICANN Public Meeting for communications support.

    To ensure that there is adequate funding throughout the fiscal year for the community’s communications support needs, all groups are strongly encouraged to consider creating content that does not require frequent revisions to minimize design costs, and reducing requests for printed materials, especially where an online resource is adequate to fulfill the same purpose. In addition, and to ensure that all requests are handled in a similar fashion, all communications-related requests must be submitted through a specified point of contact from the Policy Development Support Team.

    For clarity, unilateral community efforts or independent community projects falling outside the scope of this ABR or applicable ICANN Organization Communications Guidelines will not be supported through this allocation; and requests for support for community-driven content projects will be restricted to payments for graphic designers, videographers, stock photos or artwork, writers, printing and social media campaigns falling within the applicable ICANN Organization Communications Guidelines. No support will be provided for travel, accommodation or hospitality.

    FY19-42-NCUC-Policy Writing and Advocacy Training

    NCUC request to continue the NCUC policy writing training course in FY19

    (Yes – partial approval)(10,000)(to be managed by Ergys Ramaj, Senior Director, Public Responsibility Support, ICANN)

    The FY18 pilot program included the development of materials to be placed on the ICANN Learn online platform. The ICANN Organization agrees that policy writing skills is useful for effective participation in the policy development process; as such, the ICANN Organization (through the Policy Development Support and Public Responsibility Support (PRS) teams) will collaborate with the NCUC to evaluate the success of the FY18 pilot program with a view towards building on the materials developed in FY18 via the FY19 ABR process. This allocation is intended for further development of materials to be placed on and used via the ICANN Learn online platform and for an additional training webinar with a professional trainer. No travel component is included in this approval. The NCUC is encouraged to liaise with the PRS team to develop the ICANN Learn component and with ICANN’s Communications Team for the webinar portion, as was done in FY18. 

    FY19-45-NCUC-Continuation of Communication Support 

    NCUC request for printing/design support for outreach materials

    (Yes)(See FY19-56)(to be managed by Jana Juginovic, Senior Director for Communications & Content, ICANN)

    All ABRs requesting printing and publications support have been combined with the response for FY19-56 below - Media & Publications Support.

    Core – Not Recommended for Approval (as these activities are considered to be included in the Core Budget):

    FY19-23-EURALO-Join NCUC-EURALO Town Hall Events at ICANN 63 in Barcelona

    EURALO request for meeting and travel support for 3 EURALO members to attend and participate in a joint NCUC and EURALO Town Hall Event at ICANN63 

    (No-Core)(0)(managed by Jean-Jacques Sahel, Vice-President for Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director for Europe, ICANN)

    EURALO and NCUC are encouraged to partner with the appropriate ICANN regional engagement team to organize the NCUC and EURALO town hall event within the ICANN63 meeting structure. Unfortunately, no additional funds are available through the FY19 ABR process for this request.

    FY18-15-NCUC - Policy Practicum and Policy Advocacy Training

    Request for NCUC member training in policy writing skills for PDP participation and contribution to ICANN public comment process.

    (Yes)(20,000)(Duncan Burns)

    The ICANN Communications Team and the ICANN Learn Team will collaborate withtheNonCommercialUsers Constituency (NCUC) leadership to develop content and to hold preparatory webinars as required leading up to a pilot face-to-face training course at ICANN61 with an external consultant during the regular public meeting schedule. The face-to-face training at ICANN61 will focus on skills development for policy writing. Additional resources flexibility is not available in FY18tosupportadditionaltravelersforthetravelcomponent of this request, but the NCUC is encouraged to identify interested community members who will already be attending the ICANN61 meeting to sign up for the face-to-face component of this training effort. On a pilot basis, additional webinars could be incorporated into this program as a substitute for students who cannot participate in the face-to-face training.

    FY18-16-NCUC - Funding for IGF 2017

    Request for NCUC representatives to be funded to lead a panel at the IGF 2017.

    (Yes)(12,000)(Mandy Carver)

    Three workshoppanelistsfromNCUC are approved for travel support to the IGF 2017 Meeting. Allocation of support is contingent on: (1) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) approval of the proposed panel; and (2) submission of a detailed report from each traveler within 30-days of meeting return that addresses each itemized metric as per request (e.g., audience turnout/engagement at workshops, numberofnewNCUC members, number and diversity of contacts and relationships established, number of bilateral meetings, numberofexistingNCUC members reached at IGF, etc.). Report to be submitted to sbr-outcomes@icann.organdiscondition of future resource allocations. Approvedtravelincludesassumptionof: economy airfare + four travel days and three hotel nights + per diems appropriate to region traveled.

    FY18-19-NCUC - Full-time employee to join ICANN Constituency travel

    NCUC request for a visa application full-time employee to join ICANN’s Constituency travel team.

    (Yes-Core)(0)(Joseph de Jesus)

    During this time of increasing challenges related to almost all aspects of international travel, the ICANN Constituency Travel Team (as part of its core budget and activities) is working to identify and deliver new services that can help ICANN’ssupportedtravelingcommunity– particularly those who have the most challenges with visas in many countries. While a new full-time staff member is not an option for FY18, the team is presently in the process of contracting with an outside organization with expertise in this area to provide “high touch” visa application support services to assist travelers in compiling, completing and packaging their visa applications to ensure a high rate of success. The service will be phase-one beta-tested startingfirstwithtravelersfromtheFellowship Program and potentially include other funded travelers who historically have had visa issues. If all goes well, a second more expansive phase will be rolled out. More detailed information will be forthcoming on this initiative from the team.

    FY18-20-NCUC - Continuation of Communication support

    NCUC request for continuation of communication support (printing, graphic design, content, etc) in FY18

    (Yes)(0)(Jana Juginovic)

    See FY18-64 below. Creation of informational community content is a capability that the Communications Team has developed over the past few years. The Communications Team is being allocated FY18 resources to support community content production requests. For this particular request, the Communications Team will collaborate with the NCUC Leadership on developing the appropriate materials to achieve the goals outlined in the proposal. See FY18-64 below - Media & Publications Support. Implementation to be conducted by Communications Team.

    FY18-25-/NCSG/NPOC - Capacity building program for NCSG, NCUC and NPOC to enable the NCSG members to effectively participate in policymaking at ICANN from various WGs to CCWGs.

    NCUC, NCUC and NPOC joint request for a tailor-made training program for NCUC and NPOC members to create future leaders.

    (Yes)(66,000)(Benedetta Rossi)

    The Policy Development Support Team, Global Stakeholder Engagement Team and Public Responsibility Support Team will collaborate with NCUC, NCSG and Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC) leadership to create a tailor-made pilot instructional program focused on: consensus building and negotiation skills for NCUC and NPOC members. 

    As part of this program development, components may include development of an online curriculum, in-person facilitation and discussions. Timing and location to be determined based on discussions and collaboration between community and ICANN Org Team (Policy Development Support Team, Global Stakeholder Engagement Team, Public Responsibility Support Team and Meetings Team). If in-person facilitation component is developed, then ICANN office location or ICANN Public Meeting space is required and all applicable travel guidelines would apply.

    The parties are also encouraged to utilize existing core programs that focus on team interaction, collaboration, consensus building and negotiation skills. 

    On a pilot basis, the NCUC, NPOC and NCSG will also each be eligible to apply for an additional seat for the Leadership Program at ICANN61. See FY18-03. 

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