As discussed in the Policy Call yesterday, there is an opportunity for each voter to verify the vote against the ballot they cast using the unique and private ballot number included on the ballot sent to each voter and on the receipt of the submitted ballot in the election.  I ask any concerned voter to check the files indicate below to confirm their ballot and to bring up any issues concerning balloting or weighting of their vote.  In order for the vote to remain private, I ask that any questions about their private vote be addressed directly with the GNSO Secretariat  who ran the ballot.  Do Not Send a copy of your ballot receipt to this list unless you wish to announce your vote to the entire community. Do Not Send a copy of your ballot to me - I do not wish to know how people voted. 

I ask that all issues regarding the vote be registered with the GNSO Secretariat by end of business Friday 21 October 2011.  It is my intention to announce the final results of the election at the NCSG Constituency day meeting in Dakar on Tuesday.  The new chair will take over as chair of meeting at that point while the new GNSO Council members will take their seats at the end of the Dakar meeting.

With thanks to GNSO Secretariat for their effort in supporting our election and thanks to all the candidates


GNSO Council Election


111  Wendy Seltzer

95  Wolfgang Kleinwachter

91  Joy Liddicoat

88  Rafik Damak

31  Nuno Garcia

31  Debra Hughes

27  Alain Berranger

10  Hago Elteraifi Mohamed Dafalla

4  None of the Above

Wendy Seltzer, Wolfgang Kleinwachter, and Joy Liddicoat are provisionally elected to 2 year terms, while Rafik Damak is provisionally elected to a 1 year term.

The record of the election provided by the GNSO secretariat who supervised the vote can be found here.


NCSG Chair Election


119  Robin Gross

7  None of the above

Robin Gross is provisionally elected to a one year term as NCSG Chair.

The record of the election provided by the GNSO secretariat who supervised the vote can be found here.


It must be noted, that despite having participated in the nomination process, having submitted statements of candidacy and been listed on the ballot without prior notice or complaint, the NPOC leadership has file a complaint with the ICANN Board and requested that the vote be suspended and new elections called.  

The letter to the Board by the NPOC leadership can be found at:  <>  

while my response to this complaint can be found at: <>

It is my expectation, and hope, that the ICANN Board will not choose to interfere in this election and that the verified results will stand.

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