Any member of the NCSG may nominate any NCSG active member either for the position of an NCSG GNSO Council Representative or for NCSG Chair.
Once nominated, the nominee is responsible for public acceptance of the nomination and for making a public statement that includes:

  • Name, declared region of residence, gender and employment;
  • Any conflicts of interest;
  • Reasons for willingness to take on the tasks of the particular position;
  • Qualifications for the position; and
  • Statement of availability for the time the position requires.
  • The nominee’s statement may also include any other information that the candidate believes is relevant. 

**  Also note that under the rules, no more than two (2) NCSG GNSO Council Representatives can be declared resident of the same geographic region as defined by ICANN.  

**  These terms commence at the conclusion of the ICANN Annual General Meeting (AGM)

** Each member should have received an email notice from the chair requesting that you "check-in" and verify your email address and that you are an active member of the SG.  Only active members may vote in the NCSG annual election, so be sure to check your email folders and find that email notice from the secretariat and respond before the announced deadline, to avoid being placed on the inactive list.  If you are an NCSG member and haven't received the check-in notice yet and you've looked all your email folders and spam folders, and still can't find the check-in request, please email to, and we'll sort it out right away.  Thank you.

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