This is still in progress.


Tentative Agenda and Leaders (90 min meeting)


1.         Introduction of NCSG: who we are? what we do? what we contribute that's unique to    ICANN?  Why he needs us?

            Chairs of constituencies and Stakeholder Group (15 min) (Robin, Bill, Alain)


2.  Institutional Dynamics


A.         Policy vs. Implementation - our take on this major issues before us (and asking Fadi what     he is thinking) -  Avri, David Cake  (1-2 minute lead in, 10 min max)

This was discussed briefly.  Reference was made to the Draft framework released by the staff.  NCSG spoke of how important it was do define the way in which these could be differentiated.  It was also remarked that all implementation issues contained some aspects of policy, just a policy always include implementation related issues, and that thus one could never completely dovorce one process form the other.

ICANN Staff indicated that they would be putting this paper out for further review and that they would be following up on the item.


B.         Diversity/Outreach/Global Engagement - what we need to continue doing what we are doing?  What do we need? (15 min)             Klaus, Norbert, Ed, Bill


3.  Key substantive policy concerns/goals for NCSG

RAA/Whois/New gTLD Institution building (TMCH/URS) - 10 minutes each of what the current cutting-edge issues are, and what is our unique take (and how it's grounded in some of the most important concerns in the world - our rights!) (1-2 minute lead in each, and 10 min max each)


            A.         RAA- Wendy, Wolfgang, Mary (max 10 min) –


                        Concerns generally, Article 29 letter and its impacts, and “Rights of Registrants”                                    (a concern of Fadi, how it is developing, and what we can do to help?) 


EU response to A29 letter is not authoritative as to individual country national law, which the article 29 letter is. (consult MM’s comments in Toronto Public Forum rebuffing EU response to A29 letter).


            B.         Whois – Kathy, Wendy (max 10 min)


What is the Whois Expert WG?  Who will be coming in as experts? Do we have anyone who is knowledgeable on privacy laws, data protection laws, and freedom of expression/free speech laws.  Is it all up in the air: protocols, directory service (what data is made available, to who and how), and what data is collected?  What is the commitment of ICANN to protecting registrants (individuals/organizations) in their critical speaking rights, even as minorities, dissenters, and dissidents?



            C.         New gTLDs - Maria, Kathy, Avri, Others? (15-20 min)

                        Deep concern about process as well as substance (and what we right to protect: freedom of expression, balance, fair use, developing countries, speech!)  How is staff handling the comments on strawman proposal? 


            D.        Quick closings and thanks by each chair?  (1 min each - 5 max?)




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