• New:  2015 Annual Election of ICANN NCSG(15 September 2015)
  • Congratulations to the new NCSG Chair: Tapani Tarvainen (1-year term)
  • Congratulations to the 3 NCSG GNSO Councillors-elect: Stefania Milan (2-year term), Amr Elsadr (2-year term), Marilia Maciel (2-year term)
  • Thank you to our departing NCSG GNSO Councillor: Avri Doria

The time-table and details on the 2015 NCSG annual election are below.  The candidate nomination period runs 10-24 August 2015, and the voting takes place 1-14 September 2015 for all positions.

Nominations of candidates, their acceptance and the required candidacy statement should all be made to the NCSG members email list by the dates below to be effective.  
  • The grid below will keep track of candidate nominations and post candidate public statements.
  • Voters List (active members)

The following 4 NCSG positions are up for election this fall:
1.  GNSO Council Representative (currently held by Avri Doria, who is eligible for 1 more term)
     2-year term
2.  GNSO Council Representative (currently held by Amr elsadr, who is eligible for 1 more term)
     2-year term
3.  GNSO Council Representative (currently held by Marilia Maciel, who is eligible for 1 more term)
     2-year term
4.  NCSG Chair (currently held by Rafik Dammak, term limit)
     1-year term

2015 NCSG Election Schedule:
  Aug. 10 : Open Nominations for Candidates
  Aug. 24 : Close Nominations for Candidates (made & accepted)
  Aug. 26 : Candidates Make Public Statement (see details below) 
  Aug 28: Meet the candidate conference call (transcript | mp3 | chat - see end of page)
  Sep. 1 : Begin Voting
  Sep. 14 : End Voting
  Sep. 16 : Announce Election Results
  Oct. 22 : Term Begins

Nomination Process:

Any member of the NCSG may nominate any NCSG active member (A nominee needs to be a NCSG member listed on the Active members list.) either for the position of an NCSG GNSO Council Representative or for NCSG Chair.

Once nominated, the nominee is responsible for public acceptance of the nomination and for making a public statement that includes:

  • Name, declared region of residence, gender and employment;
  • Any conflicts of interest;
  • Reasons for willingness to take on the tasks of the particular position;
  • Qualifications for the position; and
  • Statement of availability for the time the position requires.
  • The nominee’s statement may also include any other information that the candidate believes is relevant. 

**  Also note that under the rules, no more than two (2) NCSG GNSO Council Representatives can be declared resident of the same geographic region as defined by ICANN.  The 3 other continuing NCSG GNSO Councilors (those not up for election in 2015) are from the following regions: Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.  This means there could only be one additional person elected from each of those already represented regions, and that would be determined by the top vote getter from that region in 2015.

**  These terms all commence on 22 October 2015, at the conclusion of the 2015 Annual ICANN Meeting in Dublin.

**  Members receive a separate email notice from the chair requesting "check-in" and verification of email address.  

Election Process

This is a election with ballots.

  • The vote will be open from 1 September 2015 until 14 September 2015 2359 GMT-11
  • A ballot sent to each of the active members, which list closed on 28 August 2359 GMT -11  
  • This ballot will come from tally@icann.org.  
  • Voters will need to select 3 council candidates and 1 NCSG Chair candidate.  
    • The 3 candidates for Council who receive the most votes will be elected to the 2 year terms.  
    • The NCSG chair candidate who receives the most votes will be elected to the NCSG chair role.

The selection will not occur through acclamation.

2015 NCSG Election Candidates

I.  2015-2016 NCSG Chair

(1 to elect) 1-year term 

Nominated Candidate
Nominated By
Accepted Nomination
Candidate Statement
Geographic Region
James GannonRobin GrossYes Europe
Tapani TarvainenAvri DoriaYes Europe

II.  2015 NCSG GNSO Representatives

(3 to elect) each 2-year terms

Nominated Candidate
Nominated By
Accepted Nomination
Candidate Statement
Geographic Region
Stefania MilanNiels Ten OeverYes Europe
Amr ElsadrSelfYes Africa
Marilia MarcielStefania MilanYes Latin America

Meet the candidate conference call - Recordings

28th Aug 2015transcript | mp3 | chat

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