Nominations are now open:  5 September until  18 September 2359 GMT-11 

For:  4 GNSO Council Member seats  and 1 NCSG Chair position

 When nominating, please CC the nominee and put either of the following in the Subject line:

  • Council Nomination
  • NCSG Chair Nomination 

 For ease of nominating please use the following: 

For council nomination - press here
For NCSG chair nomination - press here

  • A nomination can be either a self nomination or a nomination from another NCSG member.
  • A nominee needs to be a NCSG member listed on the Active members list.
  • To be considered complete, the nominee must submit a statement to the NCSG-discuss list   
    • According to the charter, a nominee statement must include the following: 

4.1 Nomination Process

The NCSG‑EC is responsible for publishing online any open NCSG position and for publishing a description of the position, requirements for the position, and an election schedule for the position.

Any member of the NCSG may nominate any NCSG active member either for the position of an NCSG GNSO Council Representative or for NCSG Chair.

Once nominated, the nominee is responsible for public acceptance of the nomination and for making a public statement that includes:

·      Name, declared region of residence, gender and employment;

·      Any conflicts of interest;

·      Reasons for willingness to take on the tasks of the particular position;

·      Qualifications for the position; and

·      Statement of availability for the time the position requires.

The nominee’s statement may also include any other information that the candidate believes is relevant. The NCSG‑EC and NCSG‑PC may also require answers to specific questions relating to policy issues.

  • Additionally it would be helpful to include a statement on what one hopes to achieve during their term.  But this is not required by the charter.
  • The Election is scheduled to begin on 4 October 2011 (30 days after the voters list closes as per the charter)
  • The vote will close on 17 October 2011
  • The vote will be managed/operated by the GNSO Secretariat and other staff.
  • To decide the council member election, each voter will be asked to choose up to 4 candidates.  
    • The 3 candidates with the most votes will be elected to the 2 year terms, 
    • while the candidate with the 4th most votes will be elected to the 1 year term.
  • The candidate with the most votes for NCSG chair will be elected.

Requirements for GNSO Council

From the charter:

3.3 Responsibilities and Duties of Council Representatives.

A Council Representative elected or appointed pursuant to this Charter shall be subject to the rules, principles, responsibilities, and duties as set forth in the Charter of the Non Commercial Stakeholder Group as well as the ICANN By Laws and the GNSO Council Operating Procedures.

3.3.1 Participation.

Each NCSG GNSO Council Representative shall actively and faithfully participate with the NCSG membership and its committees and Constituencies in considering policy issues and in advancing the goals of the NCSG in every aspect of the GNSO Policy Development Process. NCSG GNSO Council Representatives will be expected to attend all GNSO Council meetings unless they give prior notice to the NCSG‑PC and GNSO Council.

Regarding provisions made in the GOP for absentee or proxy mechanisms, the NCSG GNSO Council Representatives will be responsible, where possible, for notifying the NCSG Chair with sufficient notice to allow the NCSG-EC, as required by those rules, to take advantage of such voting remedy provisions as provided by the GOP. The NCSG-EC will be responsible for making decisions requiring the appointment of any temporary alternates whether due to absence or abstention, as allowed. The NCSG-PC will be responsible for making any decisions required on proxy voting or on directed voting, whether by an elected NCSG GNSO Council Representative or by an appointed temporary alternate, in the case of abstentions for conflict of interest. Both the NCSG‑EC and the NCSG‑PC will be responsible for discussing their decision on the public list. If time allows this discussion should be prior to the decisions, but in those cases where it is not possible, this discussion must be documented as soon after the decision(s) as possible.

Each NCSG GNSO Council Representative shall represent, within the GNSO Council, ICANN and its activities, the goals and priorities of the NCSG to the best of his/her ability and in accordance with the principle of consensus building. Since the NCSG will represent many different noncommercial viewpoints, the NCSG Council Representatives will not be bound in their GNSO Council votes to any specific NCSG established policy unless specifically directed by the NCSG-PC with the approval of the NCSG-EC. NCSG GNSO Council Representatives will, however, be expected to understand the varied positions in the NCSG and to explain to the membership how their votes are in support of noncommercial interests. NCSG GNSO Councilors should work with the NCSG‑PC to develop NCSG policy positions. NCSG GNSO Council Representatives are expected to keep the NCSG membership informed of policy issues before the GNSO Council, to seek input from the NCSG membership and to be responsive to member requests for information on matters pending before the Council.

Requirements for NCSG Chair

From the charter:

The NCSG Chair is elected by the general NCSG membership for a one-year term and is limited to two consecutive terms. The NCSG chair is responsible for carrying out the executive functions of the NCSG under the NCSG-EC's oversight according to ICANN, GNSO and NCSG mission and principles.

Duties include:

  • Chair the NCSG Executive Committee
  • Work with NCSG Executive Committee to ensure that the mission and principles of the NCSG are met
  • Participate in the work of the NCSG Policy Committee and the NCSG Financial Committee
  • Together with  the NCSG-EC, the NCSG-PC, and the NCSG-FC maintain any information used in making decisions for at least 4 years.

Election Process

This is a election with ballots.

  • The vote will be open from 4 October 2011 until 17 October 2011 2359 GMT-11
  • A ballot sent to each of the active members, which list closed on 5 September 2359 GMT -11  
  • This ballot will come from  
  • Voters will need to select 4 council candidates and 1 NCSG Chair candidate.  
    • The 3 candidates for Council who receive the most votes will be elected to the 2 year terms.  
    • The one receiving the 4th most  votes will receive the 1 year term.   
    • The NCSG chair candidate who receives the most votes will be elected to the NCSG chair role.

The selection will not occur through acclamation.

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