FY19-08-NCSG-Participation of Leaders from Developing Countries at ICANN Meetings NCSG request for support of leadership from developing countries at ICANN Public Meetings

    (Yes)(10,045)(to be managed by Benedetta Rossi, Manager for   Policy Support &  Community Services, ICANN Policy Development Support)

    The    success of similar pilot    efforts and    the opportunity presented for leadership recruitment from    under served and    underrepresented countries qualifies this    request for   support. Approval is  granted for  1 traveller per   ICANN Public Meeting in  FY19 (i.e.    ICANN63, 64,   and 65)  from    an   underserved and underrepresented country within the   applicable ICANN meeting region. Approval of   this request is contingent upon    coordination with    ICANN’s Policy Development Support Team and on   the submission of a  written report within 30   days   of   travel which addresses how    the   opportunity met  the  request objectives and each   itemized metric as per the community request. The report is  to be   submitted to sbr-outcomes@icann.org and    is  a condition of  future resource allocations. Unused travel allocations may   not be   carried over    to future meetings or  the   next   fiscal year.    Approved travel means economy airfare +  hotel + per   diem for 1 traveller as noted above.


    FY19-09-NCSG-Capacity Building Program for NCSG/NCUC/NPOC Request for the continuation of the FY18 NCSG/NCUC/NPOC Capacity Building Program aimed at consensus building within ICANN PDP/WG environment

    (Yes    – partial approval)(10,900)(to be managed by   Benedetta Rossi, Manager for Policy Support & Community Services, ICANN Policy Development Support)

    Deliverables from   the   first    NCSG/NCUC/NPOC Capacity Building Program (FY18-25) included the production of materials which are   to  be  made accessible on   demand via   ICANN Learn. The    ICANN Organization, in   collaboration with the NCSG, NCUC and    NPOC, will    evaluate the success of   the FY18 program including the   use  and    usability of  ICANN Learn. This    ABR   allocation is for the   delivery of another round of training via  webinars, in   keeping with    the  FY18 experience, with    a  professional trainer, on the understanding that    the   training will    be complementary to the   materials to be   created for ICANN Learn based on   the  FY18 ABR    allocation. The    funds allocated do   not  include travel support or a face-to-face component. The    NCSG should consider incorporating feedback from their    experience in FY18, when collaborating with    ICANN Organization and    the   professional trainer for   this FY19 project.


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