Chair’s Notes from 17 October 2012 NCSG Executive Committee Meeting
Toronto – ICANN #45

 NCSG Chair Robin Gross
 NCSG Executive Committee Members: Alain Berranger, Rafik Dammak, Milton Mueller
 NCSG Observers: Brenden Kuerbis, Klaus Stoll, Marie-Laure Lemineur, Eduardo Monge

Rough Transcript:

Audio Recording of Meeting:

Chair’s Notes of Decisions Taken & Action Items

1.  Clarify Process to Join NCSG

(a)  Add complete description of process to join NCSG on website including eligibility requirements (Milton & Klaus volunteered to draft text)

(b)  Potential members can send an email to < > get a link to the online form:

(c)  Need staff support with website and administrative matters & staff assistance needed with better use of GNSO NCSG website

(d)  Make NCSG membership form more visible:
    -- NCSG wiki, GNSO website, constituency websites

(e)  Constituencies should state on their website the process for joining is by filling out online membership application and include a link to the online form.

(f)  Step one for joining NCSG is to fill-out the online NCSG membership form.  Applicants should join NCSG before joining 0, 1, 2, or 3 constituencies within NCSG.

(g)  NCSG EC Members all agreed to evaluate all pending membership applications in the next week and vote on EC email list.

(h)  NCSG EC resolved all pending decisions regarding membership questions and now needs to move toward the implementation of the decisions taken at the Toronto meeting.

2.  Fixes Needed to Online Membership Application Form

(a)  Include full name of organizations and acronym for easier understanding

(b)  Reword question on how funded to include explanation of why needed and what is not needed and that the info will remain confidential.

(c)  Remove references to individual constituencies in NCSG form, which are confusing.

3.  Issue of Cyber-Café Constituency Application

(a)  NCSG Working Group is being set-up to evaluate the application and make a recommendation on it.  NCSG will reach its decision by first week of January 2013.  All NCSG members welcome to participate.

(b)  Klaus has conducted significant research and previously published a paper on cyber-cafes that is relevant to this discussion.

(c)  Straw poll of EC members indicated preliminary view of CC was that it more properly belonged applying to CSG.

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