19 July 2012 NCSG Open Policy Meeting

Draft Discussion Agenda

1.  Registrar Agreement Amendments / Law Enforcement Agency Pressure 
 Letter inviting review by Privacy Commissioners & Data Retention Officers

2.  New GTLD issues
Special privileges for IOC / RC / IGO's 
URS Summit
3.  Consumer Trust, Consumer Choice & Competition  
Letter to ICANN on Consumer Metrics on Trust
4.  Prep for GNSO Council mtg of 20 July (agenda below)

5. AOB


Agenda for the GNSO Council Meeting 20 July 2012

This agenda was established according to the GNSO Council Operating Procedures approved 22 September 2011 for the GNSO Council and updated.

For convenience:

  • An excerpt of the ICANN Bylaws defining the voting thresholds is provided in Appendix 1 at the end of this agenda.
  • An excerpt from the Council Operating Procedures defining the absentee voting procedures is provided in Appendix 2 at the end of this agenda.

Meeting Times 11:00 UTC

Coordinated Universal Time 11:00 UTC
04:00 Los Angeles; 07:00 Washington; 12:00 London; 13:00 Paris; 20:00 Tokyo.

Dial-in numbers will be sent individually to Council members. Councilors should notify the GNSO Secretariat in advance if a dial out call is needed.

GNSO Council meeting audiocast


Item 1: Administrative matters (10 minutes)

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Statement of interest updates

1.3 Review/amend agenda

1.4. Note the status of minutes for the previous Council meeting per the GNSO Operating Procedures:

Draft Minutes of the GNSO Council meeting 27 June 2012 will be approved on 

1.5. GNSO Pending Projects List 

  • Review main changes.
  • Comments and/or questions.

Item 2: Consent agenda (5 minutes)

A consent agenda item is being added as a standard agenda item to provide for a simplified process to obtain Council approval on specific tasks.

No items on the consent agenda.

Item 3: Final Elections procedure (10 minutes)

At the Prague meeting, the proposed election procedure was shown to the Council. A refined version was sent to the list. This item is to discuss and approve this procedure, so that it can be started.

3.1 Presentation of procedure (Stéphane Van Gelder)

3. 2 Discussion

3. 3 Call to approve procedure.

Item 4: Thick Whois PDP (10 minutes)

As the .com agreement has now been renewed (see http://www.icann.org/en/groups/board/documents/resolutions-23jun12-en.htm#2), the Council may not want to wait until November before a Drafting Team is formed to develop a charter for the 'thick' Whois Policy Development Process Working Group (PDP WG).

4.1 Update from staff (Marika Konings)

4. 2 Discussion

4. 3 Next steps.

Item 5: Whois Review Team Final Report (10 minutes)

Considering the Board resolution on the Whois Review Team Final Report and the Board's call for input from the GNSO by August 31, 2012, how should the Council respond?

5.1 Update from staff (Margie Milam)

5. 2 Discussion

5. 3 Next steps.

Item 6:  Next Steps for Defensive Registrations. (10 minutes)

Staff has delivered a briefing paper {link to paper} to the GNSO Council on the topic of defensive registrations at the second level in response from a request from the New GLTD Committee (2012.04.10.NG2).  The New GTLD Committee  requests the GNSO to consider whether additional work on defensive registrations at the second level should be undertaken.   The Council to discuss the next steps for this effort, in light of other related work (IGO Issue Report/Red Cross/IOC).

6.1          Update from Staff (Brian Peck) 
6.2          Discussion
6.3          Next Steps 

Item 7: Fake Renewal Notices (10 minutes)

The GNSO Council requested that a small group prepare a request for information concerning Fake Renewal Notices for the Registrar Stakeholder Group to help inform its deliberations on the Registration Abuse Policies Working Group (RAP WG) Recommendation on Fake Renewal Notices (#2). The drafting team submitted its report to the GNSO Council on 6 March 2012. Following a presentation of the report to the GNSO Council at the ICANN Meeting in Costa Rica, the GNSO Council decided to put the report out for public comment. A public comment forum was opened (seehttp://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/fake-renewal-notices-report-21mar12-en.htm) and has now closed. At its last meeting, the GNSO Council requested the Drafting Team (DT) to review the comments received, update the report if deemed appropriate and report back accordingly. The DT has reviewed the comments received and submitted its updated report to the GNSO Council on 21 June 2012 (see http://gnso.icann.org/issues/frn/fake-renewal-notices-updated-report-20jun12-en.pdf).

7.1 Presentation of updated Fake Renewal Notices Report (Mikey O'Connor) 

7.2 Discussion

7.3 Next steps

Item 8: Internationalised Registration Data WG Final Report (10 minutes)

During its June 27 Open Meeting, the GNSO Council approved a motion to deliver the IRD Final Report to the ICANN Board and to "review the recommendations in the Report and shall provide to the Board its advice with regard to those recommendations that may have policy implications".

This agenda item is to discuss next steps in light of this commitment, and to determine how the Council wishes to review and report on the IRD recommendations that may have policy implications.

8.1 Update from Staff (Julie Hedlund).

8.1 Discussion.

8.1 Next steps.


Item 9: GNSO Review (10 minutes)

At the wrap-up in Prague, there was discussion around forming a small group to examine possible actions ahead of the 2013 ICANN bylaws-mandated review. This is a discussion item to determine whether the Council wishes to move ahead in this way.

9.1 Report from the small group who offered to examine possible actions ahead.

9.2 Update from staff (Rob Hoggarth)

9.3 Discussion

9.4 Next steps.

Item 10: Management of work (10 minutes)

Recent discussions on the Council list have raised concerns about the volume of documents published prior to an ICANN meeting and how these can best be managed by the volunteer community that makes up the GNSO Council as it struggles to read a substantial amount of reports and other documents in order to better inform its own decision making processes with regards to policy.

10.1 Discussion

Item 11:  Any Other Business (5 minutes)


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