Discussion Agenda

Issues proposed by NCSG:
1.  How to protect ICANN's multi-stakeholder bottom-up policy development process?  
How to know what is policy and what is implementation of policy?  How to protect appropriate balance among various competing stakeholders for influence in policy development?  How to ensure proper ICANN process is followed to develop policy?  What is appropriate role of governments and law enforcement in ICANN policy development? 

2.  "Internationalize" ICANN.
How to increase participation of developing country actors, the composition and outlook of board/staff, appropriate legal framework, considering the geopolitical sensitivity and the broader relationship between the US government, ICANN, and the root.

Issues proposed by ICANN Board of Directors:

Specific to the NCSG:

1.   Resolution of conflict with NPOC.

2.   Views on the RAA.

3.  A suggested question from the Board for all Community Groups from the Board:"What will be in your view the medium-term impact of the new gTLD program on the structure of ICANN in general, and challenges it brings to the gNSO, its constituencies and policy development process. What are the potential issues and how to anticipate them?"

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