NCSG Open Membership Policy Meeting
09th November 2014 - Tuesday
13:00 -15:00 UTC

Draft Discussion Agenda:
I.    Roll-call 
II.   11th December GNSO Meeting Preparation
 A.  GNSO councillors will attend the call and brief to the membership about the GNSO call agenda items.
 B.  Discussion Items : prioritizing some topics
III.   Quick Update on ICANN policies
* Working Groups / Panels/ Expert groups e.g. (non exhaustive list) 
IANA Stewardship transition cross-community Working Group, Proxy and Privacy accreditation,  Expert Working Group, GNSO review working party etc
 A- Cross Community Working Group on Accountability. 
* Open Comment Periods 
 A- Cross Community Working Group (CWG) on Naming Related Functions Draft Transition Proposal
 B- ICANN Draft Five-Year Operating Plan
A- Non-contracted party house meeting
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